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Pancake Day - Shrove Tuesday

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Hazlinny | 12:14 Tue 13th Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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Anyone having pancakes today?  🥞



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yes for mr mally and grandson x

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I like mine with lemon/caster sugar - Mmm 😊

Yes, me me me, love 'em 😋

I buy the ready made ones and just bung them in the microwave for a few seconds and have them covered on lemon juice and sugar.

I love classic English pancakes with lemon and sugar. I'm not sure if I'll be having them today. I'm thinking of making toad-in-the-hole for dinner, so maybe I can set aside some batter for dessert.

I'll only make some if requested. Making a large apple crumble today, as requested by daughter, who is coming to stay for the week. 😁

absolutely, had protein pancakes for breakfast

and will have some more for pudding tonight

Yes and am going to make proper batter from scratch. Did it last year rather than use the usual ready made add water and shake in the plastic bottle method and the improvement was huge. Lemon and sugar for us

Just had ours, lemon and sugar, made the batter myself. I love them but only have them once a year.

yes. home-made, with a choice of maple syrup, butterscotch syrup or lemon & sugar. 

No, I'm not a pancake lover unless I'm in Paris having crepes suzette.

Sorry, no. Pointless for one person...and I try to avoid wheat. Hope everyone else enjoys theirs. 

Pasta - I made mine out of mashed banana, egg and protein powder  (the protein is my own addition it was not in the original recipe)

I then make it in a 1 egg omelette pan I got from Aldi - yum

I could probably use some flaxmeal,red. I'm just too lazy!

I also haven't got any lemons or sugar. 🙄

Didn't even know until now, so probably not 😂

Sitting here a bit annoyed. I was at the supermarket earlier and had every intention of seeing what they had to make a few with (and hang the carbs for once) while there. Preferably ready made but otherwise, ingredients only. Do you think I remembered before I got back ? !

Yep, just enjoyed mine, nutella and strawbs

Yes we had a lovely pile of ready mades in the microwave earlier. He had honey and lemon I added  banana to mine. 😋

Maydup, I wasn't offered honey & lemon, but I might have them tomorrow..... thanks for the idea, it will make a nice change!

I couldn't give a toss!🤣

I'm gutted. I was going to have some with sugar and lemmon earlier, but I didn't. I can't flip a pancake to save my life

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Pancake Day - Shrove Tuesday

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