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Pancake day

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hammerman | 19:43 Sun 03rd Feb 2008 | Food & Drink
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Tis shrove Tuesday this week (5th)....what's your poison.

Lemon juice and maple syrup for me.

Also, does anyone know where the traditions of Shrove Tuesday came from and what it's all about////i'm ashamed that i don't know and i'd like to tell our Japanese student about it.



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My mum puts jam and grated cheese in them. I just like them with lemon juice and sugar or maple syrup. Nutella is nice as well.
Shrove Tuesday is the last day before you give up something for Lent (6 weeks) then it's Easter
I had a very religious upbringing , but now have
forgotten all , best I can do .
think its to do with using all the ingredients up in the house prior to fasting over lent. Something like tht anyway
put vanilla ice cream inside and chocolate sauce drizzled over the folded pancake and eat at once---- fantastic
We just get everything we can possibly think of that might work on a pancake out and put it all on the table, ready for whatever whim takes you. So I suppose we are using up what we have!

Dessicated coconut is good, or apple sauce!

Also: cinnamon, honey, maple syrup, treacle, allspice, lemon, icing sugar, brown sugar, demerara sugar, caster sugar, nutella, chocolate sauce, jam, ginger powder(!), grated cheese...
Mmm, cinnamon!

Giving that a go this time then, thank you msemma!

Usually, lemon juice, sugar and golden syrup. Belting!

Happy Pancake Day when it arrives :) x
Sugar and cointreau with ice cream/ cream fraiche/ greek yoghurt
Pan fried chicken breast ( sliced very fine ) spring onions and Garlic & chillie dips .
Just try one , Pancakes do not have to be sweet . !!!
I like a savoury pancake filled with baked beans, corned beef and curry powder - delicious
This year I am going to make 'The boozy banana and chocolate' kind.

300g chocolate
150g butter
75ml double cream
1 tbsp of Cointreau
1 banana

Does lent really start wednesday?? Damn I was gonna give up RedBull but dont think I can do it, ill have to think of something else.
Phoar Mistys - that sounds fab!!!
And I'm giving up...nothing.
I know I cant wait, I also wanna try 'The Cheeky Cherry'

225g dark pitted cherries
3tbsp vodka
runny honey
1 tub sour cream

I gave up orange fanta last year, which may not sound hard but it really was for me as I drink it by the bucket load! I did it tho :o)
Well done!!! And that second recipe sounds as good as the first!!! Do you want to come round and make me some pancakes?!!
They sound good in theory, but once I get near them I have a feeling it will just be a soggy mess drowned in vodka with a cherry on top!
Sound good to you?? LOL
l like to fill our pancakes with birds eye? chicken curry and prawn curry, the ones you that are boil in a bag but you can now microwave. just save the rice you get with it for another time. its quick and easy and so delicious, i love savoury pancakes!
Shrove Tuesday came about a long time ago at the beginning of a fasting period, it is not a complete fast, but only of the 'rich' foods. such as eggs, milk and sugar. - Pancakes and Donuts were made to make use of all these foods to ensure that there was none left in the pantry. The fast is supposed to last 40 days, in line with the time that Jesus spent in the wilderness, where he too fasted. These days the 40 days of 'lent' ends on Easter Sunday which is actually normally longer than 40 days. - SOme people still give up things for lent to. This year i am giving up White Bread. - fed up of chocolate.

I'm a traditionalist i'm afraid and go with Lemon and sugar!
Today is "Collop Monday".

The name Collop Monday is after the traditional dish of the day, consisting of slices of leftover meat (collops of bacon) along with eggs. It is traditionally eaten for breakfast and is part of the traditional Lenten preparations. In addition to providing a little meat, the collops were also the source of the fat for the following day's pancakes. The word collop, here, is taken to mean a small piece of bacon. In general it is used to refer to a small piece of meat.

I hope you have all had your collop for breakfast.

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Pancake day

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