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Pancake Day - Shrove Tuesday

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Hazlinny | 12:14 Tue 13th Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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Anyone having pancakes today?  🥞



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Whatever the opposite of a 'foodie' is, that's me. I can eat the same dinner for fourteen nights in a row and not bat an eyelid.

But one food I can eat until I can't eat any more, is pancakes.

I have never met anyone else who eats them like I do, with sugar and squeezed orange juice. Everyone at home had lemon juice, and only I had orange juice, I have no idea why, but I've never eaten them any other way.

We had half-a-dozen family around tonight for tea, with pancakes for pudding.


And a couple left for breakfast tomorrow. 

I am a lucky boy!

...but surely you'll be fasting for 40 days and nights Andy!

I've got some of these:

They're showing as being priced at £1.50, but currently out of stock, on the Morrisons website but they were £1.25 (and with plenty of stock left) in my local Morrison's store yesterday evening.

There are 8 pancakes in a pack but, inside the packet, they're wrapped in twos.  So that helps to keep them nice and fresh.

I've had the first two with honey and ice cream today.  Yummy!

TTT - Possibly, but not on consecutive days, or even consecutive hours!!!

I've seen those recently Chris...possibly Tescos. 

Give 'em a try, Pasta.  They're rather nice!

(The blurb on the packet suggests grilling them but they microwave well too).

I'd eat the whole packet!

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Pancake Day - Shrove Tuesday

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