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Vegan Ham, Chicken Etc.

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NoseyNose | 00:46 Tue 13th Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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I have a friend who is Vegan, and who visits me on a regular basis.

I would like to make sandwiches/salad etc for them with Vegan ham,chicken etc.

Sadly,I cannot keep this in the freezer(ready to be defrosted) when they come,because all the ones that I find are"Not suitable for home freezing".

Does anyone know of a Vegan "meat" product that is freezable?

Thank You~Gordon.



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These 'chicken' breasts are suitable for home freezing: not knock up a 'bacon' butty for your pal...
00:55 Tue 13th Feb 2024

Does your friend like the false vegan meats? Only they are quite meaty tasting and highly processed.

Personally I'd prefer some soup with bread, or a salad. 

Falafel is freezable. You could have that with a salad or in a wrap.

For colour and variety add some grated carrot and beetroot to a salad or wrap filling. 

Again depending on taste marmite is vegan. Marmite, grated carrot and cucumber sandwiches are delicious.

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Thank You Buenchico,

I tried to find freezable meats on Tesco, but most of their Vegan meats are not.

I shall have to head for Asda.

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Thank You.

Some of your suggestions I had not even considered.I can see that I shall have to widen my imagination!

Granddaughter is vegan. She uses violife products which don't have too many slices in a packet. You can also make cucumber sandwiches using Alpro or Planta instead of butter. Vuna is a vegan tuna paste and Revo does "smoked salmon". There are also olive pates. Linda MacCartney red onion sausages are as good as the Richmond vegan ones. Some of the above might not be available in UK (we are in Portugal). Try Tesco or Waitrose if you can get a ride to Tenterden they have always had a good selection

Garden Gourmet is also a good brand but some are vegetarian not vegan so you have to check labels. Their falafel are and also their chicken pieces. Tofu can be sliced thinly and fried. Hellmans does a vegan mayonaise. Have oat milk for tea or coffee. Humus or guacamole is also good for sandwiches

My vegan eating daughter does not eat fake meat products at home but will if offered when visiting.

She would prefer vegetable and bean soups, vegetable topped pizza or beans on toast if you want to keep it simple.

Barry --  Does your Daughter eat many Vegans in a week, lol

She can't get enough of them.  

I would refuse to feed any vegan, they are a pain and I would probably end up inadvertently making something they found offensive and kick up a stink, definitely not worth it.

I would get a box of falafal and split them in to portions and freeze the so they can be pulled out on the morning to defrost.

A nice wrap with salad and hummus or avocado will do nicely.

Dave50 thank goodness that not all friends are like you.

Catering for a vegan or vegetarian these days is absolutely no problem as there are so many products available, not to mention that many of them are far tastier than 'meat' options. We have a vegan and two vegetarians in the family but I rarely buy specific foods for them, it's mainly a case of adapting what we all eat.

I freeze lots of foods which say 'don't freeze' and am still here to tell the tale.

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Vegan Ham, Chicken Etc.

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