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Plum Jam

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Oleanda | 13:14 Wed 14th Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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Does anyone know anywhere that sells plum jam? I have tried Morrisons, Sainsburys and Co op.



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Farm shops are normally very good at doing it - but have you considered making it yourself - its very easy

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I thought about making it myself, but I only want one jar, and there are not a lot of plums about at this time of year. I will try a farm shop. Thank you.

What about my suggestion Oleanda?

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Sorry, ladybirder, I thought I had answered you, but must have forgotten to press button. I will try Waitrose.

I forgive you;-)

I've bought in in Tesco.


Try amazon, they tend to have everything .


'Plum jam' is given a posher name these days!  It's called 'Bonne Maman Damson Plum Conserve' and looks like this: (which is usually reliable) lists it as being available in Asda (£2.50), Morrisons (£2.60), Waitrose (£2.60), Sainsbury's (£3.30, ouch!) and Tesco (£3.55, double ouch!).

However you can save yourself some money by nipping into Aldi to buy this instead:

I have to agree with ladybirder,

Bonne Maman Plum/Damson is really the best of their(always excellent) range.

Fruity from the Plum,with just a welcome hint of sharpness from the Damson, to cut through the sweetness!

Now I shall have to make toast,with it,so you have made hungry.LOL



I've got an opened one in the fridge.  Does everyone keep their opened jams/marmalades etc in the fridge?  I'm never sure if I'm doing the right thing.

Yes I do LB, but I keep opened ketchup and brown sauce in the cupboard, no idea why 🤔

I don't keep opened jam/marmalade in the fridge and sauces sit on the kitchen table.


I too keep my jams/marmalades in the fridge.Some makes are very runny if kept outside of the fridge.


I keep my ketchup/bottled sauces in the larder,they keep anywhere well because most have a high vinegar content.Our larder(in an old house) faces North,and has a mesh "window" open to the air,amazing what they had before the advent of the fridge!

From the Pen of Ancient Gordon! LOL

A very good jam is M & S Blueberry Conserve. Plum jam is best home made to preserve(intended pun) the sharpnes of plums, just like my Grandma's. What I want to know is where can I get a tin of Damsons? I have tried everywhere and hunted delis from Edinburgh to St Ives and hundreds in between. They were readily available all through the 50s and 60s as I recall. But seemed to disappear, although Damson jam is still on sale. Bring Back Tinned Damsons!  

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Plum Jam

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