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Khandro | 10:09 Thu 20th May 2021 | Site Suggestions
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Something that has bothered me for years; could we not at least have the option to go to the most recent post on a thread instead of the first, then having to go to the last page & the scroll down -or press 'end'.


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It's been asked several times. I wouldn't want to go straight to end but I would like the thread to open at my last post if I had already posted on it.
It's something we have looked into before. It would be ideal for those who are already involved with a thread but it wouldn't benefit those who are clicking onto the thread for the first time.
Spot on Khandro, Good idea .It shouldn't be that difficult to arrange.
you can already - didnt anyone know?
click on the thread header - that gets you to the first page where you have to read the header anyway (first or last doesnt matter) and then last page

then you dont have to wade thro a mass of one word - yeahs - and foos and quite agrees . You might miss a bon-mot or little pearl half way thro ( unlikely) - shining in its solitude, lighting a page that will otherwise dwell in darkness , ignorance and prejudice .....
yeah I know Khandro - you design an app - yeah! - and you can select last page on thread!
or - - please select only the one word replies !
or a foo filter that preserves them and chucks out anything longer than three words !

dunno where I got that idea ! sell like hot cakes
Question Author
//..but it wouldn't benefit those who are clicking onto the thread for the first time.//

but couldn't they just click on '1' instead of everyone having to start there?
doesnt godwin rule apply here?
most of the answers are on the first page ?

"It shouldn't be that difficult to arrange."

I'm sure the EDs would welcome your thoughts on the technicalities involved.
There are already links to the most recent posts on threads. When viewing the 'Most Recent', 'Recently Answered', etc. tabs in a Category, or the Home page, each thread that has been answered has a 'latest by [username] [time and date]' link which takes you to the latest post in that thread.
There would be an awful lot of innecessary repeated answers if everyone replied before reading the previous posts.
But Barry they do! Sometimes you'll find a quiz question with the same answer by 4 different people and then see the last one was posted a day later!
Plus I'm really confused by the question - if you access posts via the front page you can go directly to the last answer already
To go to the last post for a thread appearing in the 'Latest Posts' list, click the Category shown for that post. If the thread is not near the top of the 'Most Recent' threads, then click the 'Recently Answered' tab and the thread should near, if not at, the top. Click the 'last by [username] [time and date]' link of the relevant thread.
Question Author
//if you access posts via the front page you can go directly to the last answer already//

No you don't, you go to the first post on the last page, then have to navigate to the page end.

It's quite simple really. All other sites on which I go take you straight to the last post, not the first.
Yes bednobs, that's what I tried to explain at 10:39
I suspect some quirk of your browser, Khandro. The 'last by ABSpareEditor 09:54 Thu 20th May 2021' link for the 'Ab Scams' thread in Site Suggestions should take you to the latest post in that thread, not the top of the page. It does so in various browsers I use, as should this link:
What URL is shown for the webpage after clicking the link in my post above? If the '#answer-12889045' bit is missing then your browser must be ignoring it, and the truncated result will only take you to the top of the page.
Question Author
Etch; This is what happens & always has done for years:
I click on a post & the first page opens - for example, at the moment if I go to the thread 'God's Plan' & see '1' (highlighted red) 2,3,4,'next','last'. I click on 'last' & I am taken to the top of the last page & then have to go down to the bottom of that page, to see the last post.

There is no alternative.
ETCH, there are only four answers and a single page in that thread so I'm not sure of its relevance.
KHANDRO, even if it were changed so that you went straight to the latest answer, what about the ones preceding it?

Do you not scroll up to read them on that or previous pages?

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