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Ab Scams

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AuntPollyGrey | 09:35 Thu 20th May 2021 | Site Suggestions
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It has been pointed out there are more than one advert showing on AB that is a blatant scam, ie you have won an iphone please send personal details and £1 for delivery. Some users on AB are elderly and some, I presume, a little naive about these things, especially as they class AB as a trustworth site.

Perhaps while you are monotoring the freedom of speech and closing threads because you don't like the content, you could review your advertising policies with regards to Business Ethics in Advertising.

Just a suggestion.


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I treat every online ad as a scam and ignore them totally
yeah bazza only way
APG, it will be interesting to see if your thread survives.
If there are any adverts that you feel shouldn't be on The AnswerBank then you should let me know the URL for the advert so I can block it.

This thread has been moved to "Site Suggestions" and it is also now closed.

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