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royfromaus | 18:43 Wed 20th Jan 2021 | Site Suggestions
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A new category for opinion pieces?



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What's your new category called?
unless it's a question such as "how many CM in a Meter" EVERYTHING on this site is already in this category
i thought this was for making the site better in some way?
Yeah but that's just, like, your opinion, man...
Question Author
OK let's stick to the current is working well

Last 5 news threads.

5, Hymn followed by a song ....mmmm, not sure it flows.
4, Who is the bloke in the red hat?
3, I think this bloke is better than the last bloke.
2, You gotta have a catchphrase innit!
1 Look at the muck in here!
Just phrase your opinion as a question.
Compoota sez noo
In my opinion The Queen is the best piece on a Chess board, but keep an eye out for those Bishops, It's to hard to guess what those sneaky *** are upto.

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