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Bobbisox1 | 12:12 Mon 01st Jun 2020 | Animals & Nature
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Lola doesn't like water and had to be coaxed into her paddling pool to cool down,I thought most dogs enjoyed water ?

she's not a happy cockapoo


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Hi Sparkly, I hope you and Mrs Sparkly are okay after losing your kitty Nero last week
Still got Cleo, strange cat. Very nervous even after 8 years.

She is sunbathing outside in the shade. I think she is missing her pal.

For the last 8 years the missus says, don't come in, she is eating.

She never liked me from day one when I tried to hold her down for flea treatment. She bit through my gardening gloves and her teeth almost met in the middle of my finger.

I used to trim Nero's claws, he loved it.
to the people who say they would never put their dog in the water if it didn't want to go: How do you give it a bath? Surely teaching a dog to go into water in a safe environment is part of its training.
Both my dogs adore water we have been to the beach with them this morning
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she goes under our shower Aunt Polly, I wouldn't say she likes it but needs mus
Poppy isn't keen but tolerates being put in her pool and being splashed. She the jumps out and rushes around like a whirwind. she splashes around in the sea though. Our last dog was a real water baby in any sort of water except when we showered her!

This is Poppy with friend
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arh they are gorgeous APC
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haha, I can't stop it I am getting splash sounds all the time and I have clicked
That was last week on the coast with my son's dog. Poppy follows Misty around and does everything she does.
Oh dear, ha ha!
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was quite soothing hearing the sound of the sea
I missed looking at Lola's picture. You cruel Mum, Bobbi!
13:03 will do Bobbi.

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