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wolf63 | 17:37 Mon 01st Jun 2020 | Animals & Nature
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I have just stolen this article from ( )

>>> Hedgehog baby boom predicted after lockdown

Less traffic on the roads during lockdown may have helped stem the decline of British hedgehog populations.

Hedgehog numbers in the UK have plummeted by half over the past 20 years, but recent reports suggest that more hedgehog activity has been going on.

Most baby hedgehogs arrive in June or July, so keep an eye out. Visit and for more information.

I saw a Hedgehog once


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Wolf I put quite a lot of information re baby hogs on this thread.
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Ladybirder, I have to confess that I hadn't visited any previous Hedgehog threads but is good to know that there is information out there.

Bookbinder, I think think that other animal are enjoying the peace without us bothering them. Lots and lots of cute babies. And extra human babies too.
So, wolf63, the natural world is back on track, then?
We’ve seen two foxes, very close by, during the daytime - just doing their thing with no concerns about traffic or people. Our hedgehog visitors have been v thin on the ground, only seen one hedgehog on two different occasions but he/she was quite fat (had to squeeze to get into the hedgehog feeder) so maybe the mild winter has helped too.
I'm seeing hedgehogs for the first time in several years, and I did think it's because its much quieter out now. More squirrels also. If only the peacefulness would last...
My daughter just sent me this...
Maybe I'll see some around my way then. The local slug & snail population could do with some.
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In the late 70s, I was babysitting and I started to read the book 'Rats'. When walking home in the dark I saw a shape darting across the pavement. I got quite a fright - before laughing at my stupidity.

Now that I live in the city centre there are no wild animals apart from the fekking birds that make an awful lot of noise in the morning and drive Frankie insane.
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Mamya - love the cute little boottees♥
Dinky aren't they?
I have not seen a hedgehog around here since about 1980. Loads of squirrels and foxes though.
Just thinking when I last saw a hedgehog and it was about that time I last saw a glow worm in the garden. We don't see those anymore. :-(

Four hedgehogs in my back garden a short while ago, they've been fed and will be going off to bed shortly.
Retro, are you sure you don't have any in your garden? Have you been out after dark to have a look, very quietly mind? I was shocked to find I had some and I'm praying they don't disappear again when the traffic and footfall gets back to normal.
WBM what food do you feed your hedgehogs?

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