2 Hedgehogs Together

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pastafreak | 10:05 Mon 01st Jun 2020 | Animals & Nature
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Is this a common sight? I saw 2 last night. They appeared to be nose to nose.


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There were three in our garden two nights ago but they were all going about their own business.
Don't know if it's a rarity, as such, but they are not social animals. Usually only get together for mating purposes and the young leave soon after being born.
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I did think about mating, but as I say I think they were facing each other. Hard to tell as they were very still.
Waterboatman has got four hedgehogs, which he feeds, in his garden so they would seem happy to share territory when there's food about ;-)
Did you hear them huffing at each other?

I have up to 4 and usually arrive in 2 or 3's.

Some combinations are happy to each close together - some even from the same dish, other combinations huff at each other, and for others its all out war with one specific hedgy.
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Not a sound out of them Tuvok.
I've got three, and yes this is the mating season. They snort and puff away for hours. So expect little hoglets soon. Here's some advice from a website.
If you’re lucky enough to have a nursing hedgehog in the garden, be sure to give her plenty of space. Disturbance can cause a mother to abandon her hoglets in the early days so be extra careful in the garden in case there’s any hidden hedgehog families. After mating, a female hedgehog will be pregnant for around four weeks, before giving birth to between four and seven hoglets.
What time do you go to bed Pasta?
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Haha...why do you ask...
I try to be IN bed by midnight...then I start reading ;)
I'm not really a morning person...and I'll lose track of time at night.
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I see the hedgies on my last walk out with Sammi...these were on the lawn outside my flat. There are others that I've seen in some grassy areas and gardens nearby.
Even bears don't mind sharing the same elbow room when there's grub to be had :-))
Reason I asked Pasta is because it's about midnight when, in my garden, the snorting, huffing and puffing really gets going. So perhaps you are asleep or too far away to hear them but rest assured, it'll be happening!!
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It's usually between 11:30 and midnight that I have my quick last minute walk...and that's always when I see them. Never heard them though:(
Maybe because of Sammi...he's doing the sniffing and snorting.

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2 Hedgehogs Together

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