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Answerbank Redesign: Update

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AB Editor | 13:54 Wed 29th Jun 2016 | Editor's Blog
73 Answers
Good afternoon AnswerBankers!

As you know, we've been talking about the new AnswerBank designs. Here's what we're trying to do:

* We're making the site work on any device, all the time
* We're making it easier to read and clearer to use
* We're making the site friendlier to new members

We've chosen a new font and run through a couple of version of the designs.

So we're now at a point where we can show you some fairly "final" designs.

So, let's go through the designs. I'll try and introduce each of them, and then provide links to each image for desktop, tablet, and mobile. These should open in new tabs of your browser, and you may need to click the image to zoom in to full size.

If you're not a member already, you'd go sign up on a page like this: (This is the tablet design - the layout will be similar on desktop and mobile). If you forget to log in you will be reminded by everyone's favourite AnswerBank message! (tablet - but the pop-over will look similar on all devices )

Here's asking a question from the homepage (desktop / tablet / mobile)

And here's just the normal logged in homepage: (desktop / tablet / mobile)

The menu will look like this: (desktop / tablet / mobile)

And here's the category listing page (desktop / tablet / mobile)

When you visit a question it will look like this (desktop / tablet / mobile)

Here's a page with a poll you've already answered: (on a tablet, other devices will look similar). And this is the homepage with a poll still to answer: Although, we might change how that looks, making the choices more obvious and removing the a/b/c

After you answer a question, it might look a little like this, on tablet (the message box to let you know you answer was posted, or in other cases, that something has gone wrong!): tablet design, but they'll all look quite similar to this.

Here's an article: (desktop / tablet / mobile)

And here's a search: (desktop / tablet / mobile)


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Question Author
Here's a list of direct links to images, if you'd prefer them out of context :)
Question Author
I would like to canvas for opinion on these designs, please. I think we're moving towards something really good.

Any and all feedback welcome.

All the best,

Question Author
(Although, of course, it would be best if your feedback was detailed and specific!)
Question Author
Yes, there's quite a lot to have a look at.

Remember to click the image when it opens in a new tab to enlarge it.
It looks pretty crisp. A bit of practice, and get used to the new layout, and all will be well.
Plus I can turn off the page magnifier with the new font.
Question Author
"Plus I can turn off the page magnifier with the new font."

Yes! You can!

This is exactly one of the problems we're trying to solve. :)

We will be doing a longish beta test for the new site, so you can practice before the site goes live too.
I love it. Clear, fresh, appealing. Simple to navigate on all devices. Good colour scheme and font.
I would prefer more room for subscribed threads
The Search results used to show individual comments rather than the threads in which they were made...
It all looks marvelous (Desktop only). when are these changes likely take place? and will we have a NASA type countdown?
Looks fine so far & we'll get used to it. I'd rather wait until I can see it in my browser (with the modifications I have set), rather than as a pic to pass real comment, so bring on the test phase.

You're right Ed, the "A B C" markers are unnecessary.
Looks good to me from the links you've given especially as I use both tablet and desktop. I just hope we don't get the same problems with the scripting thing...can't recall what it comes up with now. Also that the ads aren't too intrusive to spoil the new site like they at times on this one. Apart from those issues all looks fine to me.
Any chance of limiting the number of threads a member can post that contain nothing but a link to the Daily Mail site?
New designs look really good. When can we expect to see it AB Editor? Will it work on an Apple Watch?
Looks good so far Ed and as others have said, crisper and clearer - I too may be able to reduce magnification I have now.
Question Author
We're hoping to have it out for the end of the summer/beginning of autumn.

That's if we have one this year of course!

There should be a beta test where you can use the new site before it's launched before then. So you'll be able to get your mitts on it sooner rather than later.
Looks good to me.
-- answer removed --
Ok thanks Ed, I'm guessing Site B will be running simultaneously to here.

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