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Answerbank Redesign: Update #2

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AB Editor | 16:51 Mon 25th Jul 2016 | Editor's Blog
23 Answers
Good afternoon,

A quick update:

1. The AB development site is looking really good. Very close to our designs. It's much more readable and elegant. It should be able to win most of you over :)

2.Right now we're doing our internal tweaks to the design now we've seen it in the flesh. And then we're sorting out the adverts, ensuring our friends at the ad companies are happy with it.

3. Then we'll invite you to come and have a look at the development site and have some fun actually using the new site, pre-production.

I don't want to put a time on when we'll be able to extend our initiations to you all, but it shouldn't be too long.

It would be great if you could let me know whether you'd like to be contacted specifically for the beta test beforehand. Just say so in an answer below, and we'll put you on the VIP list.

All the best,

AB Editor


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Yes please Ed, I've never been a VIP before :-)
Can you sort out if you type


Followed by


Everything after it disappears.

I typed ^^ obviously without the spaces.
Add me to the list if possible, I'll rub shoulders with anyone. ;-)
mais oui !!!
I want to be a beta tester, please :)
Yes please, I was a prefect at school!
Well I'm a bona fide Tester so I'll give it a try, if I can understand it anyone can!
Just found your previous post ABEd and have had a look at the new designs.

I don't like them!

If/when these go ahead, I'll be getting my ipad to load the desktop site - the tablet site is too large on screen.

I would suggest that the advets are not put in the middle of posts - keep them top/bottom, left/right as they are now.
Me too please Ed. :o}
I'll beta test.

Tuvok, the Tablet site will go to the default size in your iPad settings. It will not necessarily be as large as the screen grabs show it.
Me too please ;)

x x x
Since, I assume, no one has to download and install anything in order to beta test, why not simply post a link and let whoever wants to try, try & report ?
Question Author
Tuvok - It's sometimes a bit difficult to see the way that it will work from the images. The site will fill out to the size of your screen, so there isn't really an option for you to decide how the site appears?

Could you expand on why you don't like them a bit? These designs were met with fairly positive feedback from the thousands of people we emailed and the hundreds of responses on the thread, so these are the ones we're going with. Still, there's a chance we'll tweak things in the testing phase.

Would you like to be one of the first group of beta testers? :)

We'll see what we can do with the adverts.
I'll try it out, as long as you provide sandwiches.
//And then we're sorting out the adverts, //

does that mean you're going to stop your "friends" writing unbelievably long and complex scripts that seize the site up for users who have no option but to use IExplorer?

I think what I don't like about the new layout compared to the current is that its very graphic heavy.

eg. I think showing the avatars in the latest posts is a bit too much - don't mind them in the main section.

I'll certainly sign up as a tester - can't do without AB! (Ps. don't do FB or Twitter)

One thing I would ask for is the ability to edit your post - many a time I've hit submit and seen the typo too late!!!!!! (eg. Digital Spy gives you a few minutes where you can edit.)
Count me in please :)
yes please.....thx

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Answerbank Redesign: Update #2

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