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Answerbank Redesign: Update

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AB Editor | 13:54 Wed 29th Jun 2016 | Editor's Blog
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Good afternoon AnswerBankers!

As you know, we've been talking about the new AnswerBank designs. Here's what we're trying to do:

* We're making the site work on any device, all the time
* We're making it easier to read and clearer to use
* We're making the site friendlier to new members

We've chosen a new font and run through a couple of version of the designs.

So we're now at a point where we can show you some fairly "final" designs.

So, let's go through the designs. I'll try and introduce each of them, and then provide links to each image for desktop, tablet, and mobile. These should open in new tabs of your browser, and you may need to click the image to zoom in to full size.

If you're not a member already, you'd go sign up on a page like this: (This is the tablet design - the layout will be similar on desktop and mobile). If you forget to log in you will be reminded by everyone's favourite AnswerBank message! (tablet - but the pop-over will look similar on all devices )

Here's asking a question from the homepage (desktop / tablet / mobile)

And here's just the normal logged in homepage: (desktop / tablet / mobile)

The menu will look like this: (desktop / tablet / mobile)

And here's the category listing page (desktop / tablet / mobile)

When you visit a question it will look like this (desktop / tablet / mobile)

Here's a page with a poll you've already answered: (on a tablet, other devices will look similar). And this is the homepage with a poll still to answer: Although, we might change how that looks, making the choices more obvious and removing the a/b/c

After you answer a question, it might look a little like this, on tablet (the message box to let you know you answer was posted, or in other cases, that something has gone wrong!): tablet design, but they'll all look quite similar to this.

Here's an article: (desktop / tablet / mobile)

And here's a search: (desktop / tablet / mobile)


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That would be dreadful.
Am I the only person where the links open in various widths, some very narrow, on the left hand side of the Laptop screen?
Click on the image, it will enlarge.
Thanks Mamyalynne.

Some of the images are only a few millimetres wide. I hope when it goes live they are normal size and fill the screen.
Couldn't tell a thing from the linked pages.
Is there any way to insert a section for quiz details when posting a question?
I am sorry that I cannot comment on the new format. I can't see the changes on a full page. As I am not very technical, I will have to wait until the new format is up and running on my PC, and hope that I will be able to use it properly. Thank you.
Colours are a bit garish and the increase in font size reminds me of large print books..
Look good. Putting all the other categories at the bottom as well as on a drop down box is a good compromise.
Like what I see
Dad's army always on the march. Nice one jordyboy9.
Had a belly laugh at that.
Mr. Ab Editor. I just shrugged off some piece of my technophobic tendency yeay.
G'Afternoon Ed.....Where are we now as regards the Update of AB.?

I am anxiously awaiting the Beta version to Test and report back to you.


61 to 73 of 73rss feed

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