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Answerbank Redesign: Update

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AB Editor | 13:54 Wed 29th Jun 2016 | Editor's Blog
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Good afternoon AnswerBankers!

As you know, we've been talking about the new AnswerBank designs. Here's what we're trying to do:

* We're making the site work on any device, all the time
* We're making it easier to read and clearer to use
* We're making the site friendlier to new members

We've chosen a new font and run through a couple of version of the designs.

So we're now at a point where we can show you some fairly "final" designs.

So, let's go through the designs. I'll try and introduce each of them, and then provide links to each image for desktop, tablet, and mobile. These should open in new tabs of your browser, and you may need to click the image to zoom in to full size.

If you're not a member already, you'd go sign up on a page like this: (This is the tablet design - the layout will be similar on desktop and mobile). If you forget to log in you will be reminded by everyone's favourite AnswerBank message! (tablet - but the pop-over will look similar on all devices )

Here's asking a question from the homepage (desktop / tablet / mobile)

And here's just the normal logged in homepage: (desktop / tablet / mobile)

The menu will look like this: (desktop / tablet / mobile)

And here's the category listing page (desktop / tablet / mobile)

When you visit a question it will look like this (desktop / tablet / mobile)

Here's a page with a poll you've already answered: (on a tablet, other devices will look similar). And this is the homepage with a poll still to answer: Although, we might change how that looks, making the choices more obvious and removing the a/b/c

After you answer a question, it might look a little like this, on tablet (the message box to let you know you answer was posted, or in other cases, that something has gone wrong!): tablet design, but they'll all look quite similar to this.

Here's an article: (desktop / tablet / mobile)

And here's a search: (desktop / tablet / mobile)


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Looks good on my Mobile Mr AB Editor..just had my eyes tested...alls well....!♡...☆☆☆☆☆
I like it!! ellalee
I like the font. It looks like the site will be easy to navigate through.
Question Author
Thanks for the positive feedback!

Any more?
Looks OK to me on all three platforms.

But I'd prepare yourself for a slew of [i]

"How dare they change this free site in a way which might inconvenience me for a few minutes whilst I learn my way around again" [i]

from Mr/Mrs Outraged of Upshot Bagley, on the day you push the button.

Oh bottoms - I don't suppose you could fix the italics while you're at it?
Question Author
We've had a lot of positive responses. We popped an email out to a few thousand members, an the emails have also been overwhelmingly positive.
Question Author
Question Author
your i-in-a-square-bracket needs to be on the same line at each end.

There are areas where AB can be improved and full marks to the Ed for his proposals which appear to be on the right track.

However, I am reserving further comments until such time as I have tried the Beta test programme.

I have never done italics on I'm going to try....hmmmm, wait for it! [this should come out in hopes] signed dunnitall
Oh dear!! A BIG fail...what did I do wrong?
Sorry to annoy but I've always wanted to try will do again
hope this works if not I won't bother you any more....
Aha! I have gorrit. Thanks for bearing with me folks.
Sorted dunnitall, once you've got it you realise how simple it is. Be warned though you can only use them once per post and not all punctuation marks work within the Italics zone.

I'd like to commend Ed for giving us the opportunity to have an input on the site changes, I've never known that to happen on any other sites. They usually go ahead without even a notice about it.

Thank you Ed.
Question Author
I've learnt a lot about how people are using the site through this, and there were quite a few surprises!

I just wanted everyone to feel consulted.
-- answer removed --
Doomed to?
doomed to having your sense of humour permanently suppressed?

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