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Topic Headings - Suggestion

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naomi24 | 08:00 Fri 01st Jul 2016 | Editor's Blog
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In order to alleviate some of the heavy traffic from the overly-busy 'News' section, may I suggest 'Politics', which is currently little used, be promoted from a sub-heading to a 'Main' topic? With so many threads being created in 'News' at the moment, subjects of current interest are fast disappearing from the front page. Just a thought.


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A reasonable suggestion.
-- answer removed --
Question Author
Svejk, Like you, I tend to stick with ‘News’ too and look in ‘Politics’ only on the rare occasion that something pops into ‘Latest Posts’. Very few post in ‘Politics’ because as a sub-heading it’s hidden. Hence, when someone does ask a question there, it remains unnoticed and generally garners little response. Were ‘Politics’ a main heading it would be a popular choice, people would get answers, and busy, lively, threads in News that currently meet with sudden death the moment they leave the front page would survive a lot longer.
Too many important posters (titter ye not) don't bother to check if what they are about to post has already been submitted. They believe what ever they post ... it belongs in news.
I think that's an excellent idea, Naomi. Then, the likes of me could stay well away but still find out, and comment on what other news there may be.
Interesting. Can you give an example of what would be politics and what would be news, in your version of this?

Jezza C no confidence vote - politics
Shooter in the USA - news

but then:

Brexit - ???

Thoughts about where the line would be would be much appreciated. Especially if it was pithily put so everyone could remember it!

All the best,

AB Editor
//Reasonable, but, as you've maybe found this morning, Naomi, where ABers will talk until their *** drop off about 'what they had for dinner' or 'who's the sauciest pensioner' they, generally, have little time for the likes of
you or I. //

But aren't they in chatterbank - so what's the problem ?
News ... Jeremy Corbyn resigns.

Politics ... Do you think Jeremy Corbyn will resign.

Politics ... I think Jeremy Corbyn is a trifle mad.
The Politics subsection should be culled altogether not promoted.

Rapid churn in news is a good thing, not a problem. Sections where questions remain for days will get less page views, so less money from advertisers.
Page number navigation needs to show larger font page numbers. I use the Crossword section a lot and need to go back from page-to-page to discover answers previously given. Currently they are really small and the page you are on does not appear clearly differentiated from the others to enable speedy moving on (Backwards, usually!). You could have a double row with the page number in clearly defined boxes, perhaps. Hope this helps, Peter R.
How many regular ABers take notice of the advertisements? Very few, I would have thought.
Most of us are too eager to post our next 'entertaining/ derisory/ humorous/pertinent/undermining/concise/ tongue in cheek ' post to look at adverts. I know I am.
perhaps there is a case for "guest topics" in times of national emergency like this. In the current case you could institute a Brexit topic, to last a month or so, then you could close it down and shift the thousands of threads into News or Politics or whatever. Similarly, general elections could be promoted as temporary topics when needed.

I'm not sure this need arises very often, but the fact that some people want to start a new Bexit thread every few minutes means they might be best corralled temporarily into a section of their own, leaving the News section free for random cutting and pasting from the Daily Mail..
//leaving the News section free for random cutting and pasting from the Daily Mail..//

Or the Huffington Post or The Canary.
I think you'll find Mail links far outnumber those of the other two combined, but feel free to count them and prove me wrong.
Haha There was I thinking you were the counter.
Chatterbank - has Jeremy stuffed Diane? - what are the political ramifications? What will the Mail say or the Sun? There is no golden bullet on this one, Ed (or naomi).
I notice my perfectly valid post was removed. Ho hum.

Not news

3-1 another poke in the eye for Bruxelles thanks to our Welsh frirnds.
Some news posters don't know there are other topics.
Neither do some CBers
-- answer removed --

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Topic Headings - Suggestion

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