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Choosing A New AnswerBank Font

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AB Editor | 14:40 Wed 15th Jun 2016 | Editor's Blog
90 Answers

Georgia Desktop Designs /// Georgia Tablet Designs /// Georgia Mobile Designs

Tiresias Desktop Designs /// Tiresias Tablet Designs /// Tiresias Mobile Designs

Let me know what you think!

All the best,


This poll is closed.

Which font should we use for the new AnswerBank Design? Georgia or Tiresias?

  • Tiresias - 46 votes
  • 55%
  • Georgia - 38 votes
  • 45%

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Question Author
Question Author
So... this should be the one to actually register your choice. Please check the links before you vote. Previously there was a mix up!
I wish I could see them the actual size they would appear on my computer: when I click to enlarge them they seem bigger than the site currently appears on my screen. Tiresias looks thick and graceless to me, whereas Georgia is elegant. But I wonder if at standard size it will be a bit too spindly to read.
All I'm getting is this
have you clicked on it, talbot?

Georgia, based on this ^^ OP
Ah, right, it's back to what I saw first time. Much prefer what we have.
Question Author
Please click the image when it opens in a new tab to zoom in.
Question Author
We've increased the font size a lot, which should make it much more readable.

Also, for those mentioning the red colour having changed - we've toned it down to something more like you're used to.
Anyone interested, there is more about the Tiresias font by its creator
Yes Gromit, I think for clarity and ease of reading and differentiating certain characters Tiresias has the edge.
I have made a comparison of the fonts here.

Long time since I have used Tinypics, so hope this works.

A little tidbit about the Georgia font.

It was designed by Microsoft in the 90s. Microsoft did not like to license software themselves, and tended to do their own proprietary versions. It was the same with typefaces. So instead of licensing Helvetica, they designed their own similar font, Arial. Georgia bares more than a passing resemblance to Times New Roman.
Good link and shows why Tiresias is topping this poll so far.
Georgia bares more than a passing resemblance to Times New Roman.

Maybe that's why it got my vote, the other to me looks childlike.
Question Author
I've added some more mobile and tablet designs designs. We've included most of the suggestions made by everyone in the previous thread.
Times New Roman is a print font designed to look good on paper. Georgia is a digital version of it. It is definitely the more elegant and classic of the two, but it isn't the most legible. The main aim of the AB redesign is to up their game on mobile devices with smaller screens, so legibility is very important.
Question Author
Also, the font weight is varible - so we can play with what works for people when it gets to the beta testing, which you're all invited to (obviously).
Fair enough Gromit, I'm not part of the zombie nation that has to have such devices sewn surgically to my hand.
I always feel a bit selfish, but then I guess that's what casting a vote is in a way - as Tiresias was designed in part to help anyone with some visual impairment it gets thumbs up from me.

I only use a desktop , apart from rare occasions on holiday, so I try not to comment on the mobile side of it.

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