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Would You Like To See The Answerbank Redesign?

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AB Editor | 09:38 Fri 10th Jun 2016 | Editor's Blog
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As you know, we're working on redesigning the site so that it works on every device - i.e. it works on mobile, tablet and your laptop/desktop PC.

We're also taking the opportunity to tidy up some stuff, like reducing the number of categories, swapping the sizes of adverts to more commonly used sizes (this should mean the ads get better).

To make sure everyone feels as consulted as possible, I'd like to show you where the designs are currently settled. If you have any good ideas for the layout, design, colours, fonts etc, please provide your feedback here.

What I would really like to know is, do you understand it, just by looking at it?

I'll post different versions of the homepage first, with a small description. You should be able to click the images to make them pop open in a new browser tab.

The thread will be closed while I sort out these images as answers, and will reopen shortly afterwards.

Homepage: Desktop // Tablet // Mobile

Homepage & Menu: Desktop // Tablet // Mobile

Question Pages: Desktop // Tablet // Mobile


New Desktop Search

New My Profile

New Category Page

New Article Page


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Question Author
Here's the desktop design as it stands, one with an open menu, one with it closed.

We're thinking the fonts probably need to be bigger, and we're likely to go with a serif font (like Garamound) for body texts.

You might also notice that we've reduced the number of columns, and move the topics list into a menu at the top. These header changes would be site wide, so your opinions on these are particularly important!

Thanks, enjoy:

Question Author
So, that's the desktop one, here's the tablet version:

Mostly we're just squishing down here. If you're a tablet user, your opinions would be very much appreciated - and if you could identify your tablet in your comments, then that will give us a bit more context for your comment.

Question Author
And finally, mobile homepage:

Naturally, with a smaller screen, we have to extend it slightly, and stack things up. Again, thoughts much appreciated!

Question Author
There you go - the thread is now open to talk about these homepage designs. I will drop some other page designs in later assuming you're not arranging to have me taken to the Hauge.

All the best,

Lot to take in.
Pictures pop up very small due to the height.
As a general rule one site fits all devices tend to be disappointing.
I'll try to check what you have here but links to full width pictures would help.
Question Author
Click the images for a pop up image in a new tab :)
Click on it OG it can then be viewed full page.

Can we have a different thread for comments - scrolling down that lot is going to get annoying.

Did you support putting Chris evans on top gear by any chance?
That stated, zooming this tab larger suggests it is a decent look. I suspect I'd still want to hold the mobile in landscape though, 4 words to the line isn't on. It needs to be as same as on the PC as possible or it's no dice.
That's what I did Quoi, and why I saw it wasn't helping and commented.
BTW I think it needs less AOG ;-)
Question Author
"Did you support putting Chris evans on top gear by any chance?"

Absolutely not - why? :)
Because my first reaction to the changes was the same....... oh my gawd!!!
Question Author
Question Author
To be fair Quoi, the new site designs are LESS ginger, not more.

I don't like the choice of red - too piercing. Prefer the softer, browner, Venetian red used now.
why mend something that aint broke!
Question Author
Khandro - "Venetian red" ! I've never considered calling it anything but orange :)
..what Bernie said :)
Question Author
"why mend something that aint broke!"

Because it is - we have hundreds of thousands of mobile and tablet visitors who struggle to use the site. You don't see them because they don't stick around.
I like the new designs, and think it's important to cater for my iPad which I use more now than anything else.

I think it will take a while to get used to the change, but as a community we need to embrace it.. change is good

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