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AB Editor | 09:38 Fri 10th Jun 2016 | Editor's Blog
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As you know, we're working on redesigning the site so that it works on every device - i.e. it works on mobile, tablet and your laptop/desktop PC.

We're also taking the opportunity to tidy up some stuff, like reducing the number of categories, swapping the sizes of adverts to more commonly used sizes (this should mean the ads get better).

To make sure everyone feels as consulted as possible, I'd like to show you where the designs are currently settled. If you have any good ideas for the layout, design, colours, fonts etc, please provide your feedback here.

What I would really like to know is, do you understand it, just by looking at it?

I'll post different versions of the homepage first, with a small description. You should be able to click the images to make them pop open in a new browser tab.

The thread will be closed while I sort out these images as answers, and will reopen shortly afterwards.

Homepage: Desktop // Tablet // Mobile

Homepage & Menu: Desktop // Tablet // Mobile

Question Pages: Desktop // Tablet // Mobile


New Desktop Search

New My Profile

New Category Page

New Article Page


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I second the idea for an 'edit' button.
Question Author
We're not talking about the edit button here, we're just talking about these redesigns.
Question Author
Please move all discussion to this thread, which has updated designs and a poll about the font:

I am closing this thread now.

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