A Staycation , But Where ?

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Bobbisox1 | 21:56 Wed 27th Jan 2021 | Travel
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When we can of course
I've never been to Devon of Cornwall before ,done all of Northumbria as it's not far away, done the IOW many years ago so that might be an option?


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im off to stornaway
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I bet that's lovely if the weather suits
Try Devon.
Or Cornwall
Highlands and far north of Scotland. Or Mull. Absolutely breathtaking scenery and not too many people if you pick the less popular glens (Glencoe and Glen Nevis are bunged full of coaches and tourists, but Glen Torridon is deserted).
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Well thanks Roy :)
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We've been to the Highlands before and yes it's beautiful up there
Do you know the area where you actually live?
I thought you were looking at the Yorkshire Dales? Otherwise - a couple of years ago we went to a cottage in Shropshire, can't off-hand remember its name, will check (very nice cottage, owners next-door, alpacas in the field). We'd never been there before and some of the scenery is spectacular. There is one terrifying road that I will never, ever in my whole life drive down again! Just south of Shrewsbury. If I find the name I will let you know.
I’d like to go to Scotland, but I won’t be booking anything just yet.
We also love the Borders, Hawick area, but kit is quite close to you so you probably know it.
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I looked at your link Jourdain and that's certainly an option and not too far to travel either
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Do you know the area where you actually live///
What do you mean woof?
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Most cottages in the Dales are booked for September
I’m afraid that will be the problem for at least 18 months (availability of places to stay). In a country of 65 million who can’t holiday abroad, it will be very hard to book anywhere. As a consequence, prices will rise due to market forces, the basic supply / demand of business and as the holiday market tries to recoup some losses.
It might help us if you told us what you like best, Bobbi. Lovely beaches? Historic cities? Loads of nightlife? etc, etc.

We'd love to see you here in East Anglia though. We've got fantastic coastlines, with Southwold (in Suffolk) often being cited as the most attractive coastal resort in the country. (It's got lots of lovely independent shops, and plenty of great places to eat and drink, too).

The North Norfolk coast is also fantastic, with lovely little seaside towns like Wells-next-the-Sea
and Sheringham

Heading inland, Norwich is a wonderful tourist city, with plenty of historic attractions, together with excellent shopping facilities and countless good bars and restaurants.

Ipswich is also a town which is very much 'on the up' these days, with loads of history, plenty of independent shops and a fantastic waterfront area, which is full of great places to eat and drink.

Bury St Edmunds is also well worth a visit

. . . and I've not even mentioned Cambridge, the Norfolk Broads and delightful little towns such as Holt, Maldon, . . . , etc ;-)
Whitley Bay.
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Not a beach person, more a cottage , taking Lola , preferably where it's warm ( I don't do rain and cold, I get enough of that here )
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Not Whitley Bay Gulliver as lovely as it is
Norfolk might be an option Chris
No more Spanish City then Bobbi.

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A Staycation , But Where ?

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