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EmilyAdkins1 | 21:28 Wed 27th Jan 2021 | Travel
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A nonstop flight from Los Angeles, CA, To New York, NY, takes 5 hours and 35 minutes. The flight gets to New York, NY, by 2:40 PM. What time did it leave Los Angeles, CA?

This is a hard question that I had to think about for about 30 minutes.


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Easy peasy, surely?

It arrives at 1440 NY time, therefore it must have left at 0905 NY time.

However NY is 3 hours ahead of LA, so the actual take-off time was 0605.
Take off 5 hours 35 minutes from 2:40pm so thats 9:05 am then adjust for any time zone diffrence
6.05 am
Question Author
Ok that was pretty fast. You guys must be geniuses. That took me forever
Benchico is indeed a genius on Answerbank. jimF and cashier are compared to me. Genius is not a term any one would use for me tho!!
Nothing 'genius' about knowing that vast countries like the USA have different time zones.
If you took a quick flight across the English Channel from France to England you would arrive before you left.
There's no genius involved here! It's just simple maths, subtraction to be precise.
so what made this so difficult? the arithmetic or the knowledge of the time zones?
In the days of Concorde, London to New York, you used to arrive in New York 3 hours before you left!
You can still leave Calais on a train and arrive in Folkestone half an hour before you left.
Emily, is math(s) not your strongest subject at school?
Emily did they teach you nothing at Jacksonville High School? :-)
Question Author
Excuse me I didn’t go there
Question Author
No about what
Sorry Emily I must have been mistaking you with the FB profile of Emily Adkins from Ohio -easy mistake -apologies.

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