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long2019 | 18:23 Wed 25th Mar 2020 | Technology
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my landline phone incoming calls ok
cannot phone out for some reason
ideas please


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Have you checked the line?

You might alos have a faulty phone - can you try it in another socket, or try a different phone in the current socket!
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ta for info
got 3 landlines all same prob
Have you been cut off for non payment of your bill?
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bill paid by dd
It is almost certainly a fault with the line and you should check it by plugging a different handset into your master socket. If that has the same problem it is safe to call the company you rent your phoneline from and report it as a fault. They will ask what checks you have done and warn you that if the fault turns out to be inside your house AFTER the master socket then you will be liable for charges. If you have tried 2 different handsets in the master socket the fault must lie with the line outside your house and should not cost you anything.
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what puzzles me the line is ok for the internet
mobile working ok
if the line is ok for the internet
why does it not work for landline
Your internet is via a router. Your landline is usually from the outside telegraph pole with a wire coming into the house.
Odd. I am sure I answered on this thread yesterday but I'm not on here now.
Maybe handset is faulty
That may be a problem with your splitter (or socket) where the line comes into the house and then splits between phone and internet.
And where do you think the internet gets into the router from calmk? Not many telegraph poles left either.
Often wonder why they are still called telegraph poles even to this day , when telegraph and telegrams disappeared many years ago.
ff .. I to answered on this thread and my answer has also been removed. My guess is the thread was tidied up by the Ed as the OP was posted a number of times on the same subject.
No more answers needed as bhg has explained quite clearly how to remedy the situation.
The only thing I can add is last year I had a intermitent fault and my ISP was adamant that the fault was internal. After doing the socket test I knew the fault was external .. over the next few days BT dug up 3 of my neighbours drives/crossovers and replaced the manifolds buried in the foorpaths.
By doing the socket test yourself and eliminating an internal fault, you may be able to eliminate a call out fee.
Sorry Prudie. I have a telegraph outside my house in the UK and the technician came yesterday to repair a fault. In Portugal I have just had a fibre optic cable connected from a junction on the road and using three telegraph poles. Yes they do exist and are in use!!
Oops left out “pole” outside my house
The internet signal works on a different frequency, hence the need for filters.

A relative had the same problem - couldn't make/receive calls, but I could still Facetime him.

I had to report the fault to his phone company for him.
Get in touch with whoever you get your phone from. You obviously have internet, so use it to get in touch with them.

They will make you do various tests - such as has been suggested here - different phones, remove filters etc.

After you've done that and they do a line test, they should arrange to get it fixed for you.

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