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henrys202020 | 14:16 Wed 17th Apr 2024 | Technology
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im thinking  of  buying  a  phone  what  i  want  to  know  is  whats  the  difference  between a  £100   phone  and  a £500   one  thank u


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Henry, best go into a phone shop that deals in refurbished then you will have plenty to choose from and can decide which is the best fit for you 

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i  do  not  want  a  re   furbish    one   newonly

From what I can see from the youngsters is it's more a camera than a communication medium. Larger screen,more pixels, better quality imaging etc. Although all very useful the cheaper phone generally has no wi-fi or screen but just take/recives calls and texts etc.That was how my first motorola clam shell phone started with Orange.

Without asking the obvious .What  do you want the phone for .? Is it just for emergencies or reassurance?

I got a good deal at thebigphonestore - phone was listed "as new". The box had been opened but the contents not unwrapped. List £160 - paid £110.

Phone is good - Oppo brand 5G & Android 13

In your last post about phones you said you only wanted to make calls and send texts.  Any phone over £100 is a smartphone, a computer.

The difference in price is down to the specs - the screen quality; refresh rate; amount of storage for photos, videos, files; the processor; the amount of RAM; the quality of the camera lenses etc.

Some phones come with a guarantee of updates and support for X amount of years.

The brand also affects pricing.

Unless you intend to use the phone as an extension of your left hand (ie using it non-stop for all manner of younger people do)...I doubt that you need to spend more than £100 to get a reasonable smartphone that does all you need.

Even good old Nokia does a sub-£100 competant smartphone.

if your signed up with ebay, have a look on there, lots of used phone below £100, used samsung galaxies are good, or aks a mote who's got a contract phone if you can have there old one, you would be suprised, some people have aa draw full of phones.

Did you look at any of the phones linked on your previous post, Henry?

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