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winstonmin | 14:06 Wed 25th Mar 2020 | Technology
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I have just bought an HP Pavilion and found that there are a group of one drives to store documents, pictures, music etc. But these drives have a very small amount of storage space. The seller tells me that I can store stuff on the PC itself but I don't know how to do this. They said I could disable the one drives, but I wouldn't know where to start. And I don't understand the object of small storage drives. Can anyone help please.


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I'm assuming you mean Onedrive cloud storage which allows a small amount of free online storage.

To sae to the computer directly, when you save, instead of selecting Pnedrive, select This PC and then you will see a set of folders for documents, music, photos etc. Click on the approriate one and save.
One Drive is just storage space in the cloud. As an opening offer you are awarded a little space for storage but can add to it for an annual fee. To save files on the HP hard drive you just hit save and allocate to the various files already in File Explorer that come with the laptop. Pictures in pictures, documents in documents etc. When you have an image or piece of text that you want to save just right click on the page or image and in the menu use "save as". From there you can allocate it to where you want to place it. The icon for File Explorer should appear in the bottom ribbon task bar and is a little yellow square file icon. If it is not there you can drag it there from the apps. list. To open file explorer just click on it (left) and a panel will open overlaying what you have already got on screen.
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Thank you very much for explaining this. I can now see all my files in my PC. Cheers

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Hp Pavilion Storage

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