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ll_billym | 22:39 Thu 29th Dec 2011 | Technology
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I'm looking replace my Epson D120 inkjet as I don't use it very much (a couple of times a month) and the heads keep getting clogged up, I then waste a lot of ink by unblocking them.

Does anyone have experience of a currently available printer, of roughly the same spec or better, for under £100 that doesn't keep clogging up when not used for a while? Cheers.

Or, incidentally, does anybody else have this problem, maybe it is just my printer or a problem with Epson or maybe it happens to all inkjet printers??


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All ink jet printers suffer from blocked jets due to prolonged inactivity to some extent (some worse than others).

Rather than buying another ink jet – I would buy a laser printer (either mono or colour).

I have a Samsung mono laser printer sitting in reserve – it gets fired up once every 3-4 months, if that, and prints with no problems.

You might think lasers are more expensive than ink jets – which is not the case.
Printing with a laser using genuine toner will work out at a few pennies per sheet – whereas printing with an ink jet using genuine cartridges will be more than double the laser price.

The main down side of lasers is that they cannot handle heavyweight paper – so if you must print photos on heavyweight paper, you will have to suffer blocked jets.
If you don't use your printer, it's still worth printing a test sheet say every month, just to keep the heads clear.
if you use it so seldom, it's asking for problems, and a waste of money.

Put your document on a flash dongle and get it printed by a friend / local business, or whatever?
When you didn't use it for a while .. take out cartridges and steam the nozzles for a few minutes. Then print a test page to check colours.
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Thanks for the answers, I do like the finish that you get from an inkjet or I would buy a laser. Might just print test page off every couple of days to keep it clear. Cheers.
May not mean anything but I looked at D120 but decided on D92 as it was cheaper and I don't do much colour printing. I use it at least once per week but usually only on black. No problems with blocked jets so far.
I have an Epsom SX215 all-in-one that I got from Tesco for just over €50. I specifically went for Epsom because of the low cost of replacement inks (my previous printer was a Lexmark, and replacement inks for a Z600 were dearer than a Bentley).
I use my SX215 only occasionally, my wife may photocopy a recipe once every six weeks or so and I may print a nice photograph or letter with the same frequency, never had any issues with blocked printheads.
A couple of other things, make sure that the printer is not sitting close to a radiator (or other heat source) and when switching off your PC system, do not simply switch off the mains power to the printer – power down the printer by pressing the on/off button. And before removing the mains power, allow the printer to ‘park’ the print head (this will help to avoid blocked jets).
I was going to say the same as Hymie. Get a laser. You won't look back.
^^ Me too, and Samsung make great (and good value) colour lasers
I have a Samsung CLP320 and it is excellent. You can refill the cartridges as well http://www.refilltone...=CLP-320+%2F+CLP-320N
No...I've not face this type of problem yet and its not the Espon problem as i know because i am also using Epson Printer since a long. And i am Using Inkjet Printer for Inkjet Coding which i got from "citronix uk".It offers Inkjet Coding in UK.

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