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hammerman | 12:38 Mon 12th May 2014 | Technology
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We only use our printer about once every few months and that's for the occasional document or receipt.

Because of this, all of the photo quality inkjet printers just seem to pack up, the ink isn't recognised and the nozzles block with dried on ink.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a small, cheap printer that does black and white only ? Under £50 if possible.



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Go for a cheap laserjet. You won't get it for the price you want to pay, unless you go for a reconditioned one. The toner cartridge that comes with it will last for ever at the rate you say you use it and it will NEVER have clogged jets.
I resortes to laserjet several years ago when I found that I was using more ink in the cleaning process than I was making prints - I've never regretted it.
Alternatively, get rid of your printer completely as you clearly don't need one! On the odd occasion when a hard copy is required, pop down to your local library or Internet café.
Besides bhg481's suggestion - I'd put anything for printing on a memory stick and print it off at work.
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Well here’s a laser printer at less than £30 including free delivery:-

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