Has this tower monument been built in London yet?

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JonnyBoy12 | 21:48 Thu 29th Dec 2011 | Technology
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Not sure if this is the right area for this question but will ask it all the same. I understand that there is to be a tower built to rival the Eiffel tower and this is to be completed this month. I have not even heard of it, let alone seen it. Can any of you ABers help me out on this one?

I have included a link below:

Thanks as usual for your ever helpful replies.


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Yes, near completion if not actually finished. http://aajpress.wordp...pic-park-london-2012/
As if that can rival the Eiffel Tower.
Piece of rubbish : )
What a bunch of arcelor ...
That's what they said about the Eiffel tower when it was built.

It's finished now.
Put a slide on it going to the swimming pool and it might be OK
I see it grow when I go past sometimes on the train. I'm looking forward to it being finished but not sure if I'll be able to make it to the top, no head for heights.

Its pretty impressive and will attract a few people in the future I think. Far more interesting than the new shopping centre opposite.
So far, the Olympic logo is a spray paint tag joke, and this tower is a lump of screwed up ironwork with no obvious function.

I hope I represent the tasteless majority who will have to swallow our words when these great artistic masterpieces join such as the the Sydney Opera House and the Angel of the North.

i hope
looks a bit like a turbocharged rollercoaster, which is not necessarily ugly. I have passed it on the train but only at a distance, so I can't tell whether it works in the flesh or not.

It was finished in October
If that's the answer to the Eiffel Tower I can only say that Jeremy Paxman would long since have penalised London for buzzing too early and awarded another 5 points to Paris for a late response!
Not long till Contact then.
as Chuck says, everyone hated the Eiffel Tower and would have pulled it down again if it hadn't proved useful as a radio mast. If it wasn't already so well known you might wonder what it was: a sort of tower built out of scaffolding with no building underneath and with peculiar splayed legs, and with no apparent purpose. It's not normally something you'd feel affectionate about, but everybody does - now.

Maybe people will love the Stratford tower some day too.

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Has this tower monument been built in London yet?

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