windows 7 brightness won't stay set!

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benny3008 | 22:49 Thu 29th Dec 2011 | Technology
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I have windows 7 running on my laptop and the brightness keeps going to it's lowest regardless of what setting I change in the power settings i.e balanced, power saver and high performance, i have even set the screen not to dim on the power plan which is applied. the slider at the bottom of the power settings screen will not move, it just flickers and will not move from it's lowest position. I have tried all sorts of things to change it but nothing seems to be working. Has anyone had this problem, if so, how do you solve it.


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Blimey .. not seen you for a while!
Been stuck under a bonnet mate? : )

Is there a button or two for those controls on the lappy?
Anything spilt on it recently?
Question Author
pretty much aye! been a busy boy!
Theres a few ways of changing brightness, one is to do it through power/display settings, the other is to use the hot keys on the keyboard itself, neither are working, the laptop is pretty new and nothing has been spilt on it i dont think. it has only had windows 7 on since earlier today and my other computer running an earlier version of 7 hasnt got the same problem. :-/
What laptop is it mate? Model, name, etc?
Never heard of myself .. But will look around for tomorrow.
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Thanks for answers, i dont know the exact number albags, it's a hp compaq 6735s or something, numbers might be in wrong order. although the problem doesnt seem to be there today so im hoping it has fixed itself. :-)
If it does it again .. re-install the monitor ...
Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Device Manager
Expand the Monitors tab
Uninstall the monitor listed
Reboot and let Windows install it again.
Possibility it will be fixed then

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windows 7 brightness won't stay set!

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