Replacing mobile handset options

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4candles | 14:09 Fri 30th May 2008 | Electronics
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Hi all,

This is probably a simple question, but then so am I when it come to the mobile phone market.

I'm on Orange PAYG, and wish to stay that way, with the same number - just replace the handset.

So, I see on the Carphone Warehouse site that under 'PAYG': 'Handset Only / Sim Free' section the Motorola F3 is offered at �49�95. Just pop in my existing SIM and it's sorted (isn't it?).

Then, I see that in the general 'PAYG' section the Motorola F3 is offered, on Orange, at �4�95 if bought with �10 airtime.

So even if the airtime is on the new SIM card, and never used, presumably I can still use my original SIM, and achieve my objective for �35 less.

Or am I missing something...?


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nope your not missing anything, you have it pretty much spot on.

i'd get the one with the orange sim and get the 10quid talk time and put the new sim in your old handset so you can use it to make a few calls just to use the �10 credit you've bought and put your existing sim in the new handset so you will retain your current phone number on your new handset.
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Cheers, Chuck!
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Replacing mobile handset options

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