How Are People Manipulated By The Media, In Your Opinion?

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Nameless14 | 10:35 Thu 27th Dec 2018 | Society & Culture
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How dangerous do you think media manipulation is and why?


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You may get more answers if you tell us what you think as I think as you currently give teh impression of being a bot
Yes what do YOU think as you seem to have no opinion of your own.

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By writing articles that accentuate the paper's viewpoint and mock any other.
No idea how dangerous it is, but it isn't 'playing the game'.
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I wonder if the OP will EVER get involved with any of his/her threads??

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I think he's paid to fill in surveys, and asks these questions to get ideas for different answers to enter.
I think he's definitely part of the AB staff - who know that despite being irritating and verging on rude we are still sucked in and can't help answering, me included - ie manipulated
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yes I do
There is no such thing as media manipulation. This is clear.

How can a passive, non-interactive media manipulate opinions when everyone has access to fact-checking sites on the internet?

Furthermore, most broadcast media (in the UK) are subject to tight rules on media bias.

Media outlets that want to make up stories (as in "lies"), describe themselves as "entertainment" sites. Everyone who looks at those sites is aware that they are entertainment rather than news. No-one who visits Fox News, for example (an 'Entertainment' site) thinks any of the content published there is true.

If anyone thinks there is any truth in stories published on such entertainment sites, there is always the President of the United States who tells us what to think about the veracity of Fox News. Furthermore, there is; and other sites where readers can confirm the editorial bias of different websites. Everyone on the internet uses these tools to challenge potentially-biassed media

Even Facebook – where people, bots and others are actively trying to manipulate the opinions of readers and viewers – fails in this respect, because people are sufficiently aware of these attempts to bias their opinions.

Consequently, all Facebook users routinely fact-check the videos and links reported on Facebook against politically-neutral sites and call out the attempts to manipulate their opinions

What a crazy question to ask - you must be in a permanent liberal-Pinko bubble to even suggest that media bias takes place - Communist Moron!


If members think it's inappropriate to respond to a thread then... maybe don't respond
Yes, 79 questions and just five answers. Only one question in sixteen with any further response.
IJKLM - “There is no such thing as media manipulation. This is clear.”

No it is not clear. In fact, the opposite is true. The media attempt to manipulate public opinion in subtle and non-subtle ways routinely. Propaganda is alive and well in our society. To think otherwise is, quite frankly, buffoonery.

Yes our media (in the UK and elsewhere) are subject to rules and regulations with regards to what they can say and what they cannot, causes they can promote and those they cannot but those rules are extremely flexible and open to interpretation by the very same people who make and enforce those rules. You are naïve in the extreme if you think that the main stream media are objective and free from bias.

But to get back to your above quote that there is no such thing as media manipulation, then I have one word to say to you to prove you demonstrably wrong – advertising. If people cannot be manipulated and influenced by the media, why did the collective media spend over $500 billion dollars on advertising in 2018?

Seems like a hell of a lot of money to spend if the net result is zero doesn't it? Unless of course it turns out that people are susceptible to advertising, media manipulation and propaganda. Which they are. History bears this out.

You say, “All Facebook users routinely fact-check the videos and links reported on Facebook against politically-neutral sites and call out the attempts to manipulate their opinions...”

Please explain what a “politically-neutral site” is in your opinion. And how does one verify such a thing as being politically neutral? Specific examples only please. Appeals to authority and virtuous hand-wringing will not suffice.
Study the works of Chomsky, he puts it so much better than I ever could.
Hi birdie1971

Pure text is an unfortunate medium for communication. You may have missed a small hint of irony in my comments.

Manipulate? They tell outright lies, even down to inventing eye witnesses and inventing "quotes".

""German magazine Der Spiegel apologised to readers on Wednesday for publishing “invented stories” and content with “distorted facts” by one of its reporters. It identified Claas Relotius, a recent winner of CNN’s “Journalist of the Year” award, as confessing to the production of fake news.
Der Spiegel‘s management wrote:
In recent years, DER SPIEGEL published just under 60 articles by reporter and editor Claas Relotius. He has now admitted that, in several instances, he either invented stories or distorted facts.
Claas Relotius, a reporter and editor, falsified his articles on a grand scale and even invented characters, deceiving both readers and his colleagues. This has been uncovered as a result of tips, internal research and, ultimately, a comprehensive confession by the editor himself.
Relotius’s deception was discovered after Juana Moreno, who worked with Relotius on a fabricated story of an American vigilante group paroling the U.S.-Mexico border entitled, “Hunter’s Border,” shared his suspicions of his colleague’s mendacity with Der Spiegel.
Der Spiegel’s management added:
Claas Relotius committed his deception intentionally, methodically and with criminal intent. For example, he included individuals in his stories who he had never met or spoken to, telling their stories or quoting them. Instead, he would reveal, he based the depictions on other media or video recordings. By doing so, he created composite characters of people who actually did exist but whose stories Relotius had fabricated. He also made up dialogue and quotes.
“I am sick and I now have to allow myself be helped,” Relotius told Der Spiegel in his confession. “It wasn’t because of the next big thing. It was fear of failing. My pressure to not be able to fail got ever bigger the more successful I became.”
The Guardian reported:
[Claas Relotius] resigned after admitting to the scam. He had written for the magazine for seven years and won numerous awards for his investigative journalism.…
Earlier this month, he won Germany’s Reporterpreis (Reporter of the Year) for his story about a young Syrian boy, which the jurors praised for its “lightness, poetry and relevance”. It has since emerged that all the sources for his reportage were at best hazy, and much of what he wrote was made up.

CNN awarded Relotius its 2014 “Journalist of the Year” award.""
If that wasn't bad enough for you he is now under investigation for embezzlement. He will probably claim the loot was just "resting" in his account.

""Former Der Spiegel star journalist Claas Relotius, who was exposed for inventing facts and interviews in his stories for years, has now been accused of embezzling money allegedly meant for Syrian orphans in Turkey.
Mr Relotius allegedly took donations from readers following the publication of his article “Königskinder,” which was published in July 2016, to a personal bank account. According to Turkish photographer Emin Özmen, much of the article contained fabrications and lies, Der Spiegel reports.
Özmen said that Relotius had written about a Syrian refugee boy in Turkey named Ahmed who had to bury his mother and had a sister who was forced into brutal work in a textile factory.
The problem with the story being that Ahmed’s mother is still very much alive and working in a furniture shop in Gaziantep, Turkey. The photographer said the boy did not have a sister at all, to his knowledge.""
Well done Togo. We are constantly being manipulated by all media today. The truth is out there...good luck finding it.
Properganda example...anti-brexit scare mongers.

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