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KARL | 18:48 Wed 26th Dec 2018 | Society & Culture
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A strange thing happened to me just now. I decided to see what was going on on AB and on bringing up the home page, at the top of the list of most recent questions (if that is what actually came up) was a question headed (from memory) "Do average French people have proper English Pronunciation" or something such. When I went to look at it (enter the thread) it vanished and I ended up somewhere else. I tried to go back but ended up on my previous page before looking at AB in that tab, something totally different.

Does anyone recognise that question - I have tried to search for it but had no success ?


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It was here. Judging by the replies I was expecting the thread to be pulled. A wind-up merchant succeeded in winding up some ABers
Yes, you were not imagining things - must have been zapped by The Powers That Be
Probably been zapped. OP is a well-known wind-up merchant.
Nameless14 is, in my view, a troll. He posts loads of 'discussion' type questions but never takes part in the discussions himself; he seems to be simply 'playing' with people.

I've often considered suspending him but it seems that some people here find some merit in his threads, so I'm somewhat reluctant to do so.

It wasn't me that removed the thread mentioned here (and I've no idea who did) but I'm unsurprised if another moderator is also getting a bit fed up with all of his questions.
Someone obviously had a Popeye moment and who can blame them. :-)

Is this not a thread about a deleted thread and should therefore be removed?

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