Jayda Fransen - A True British Heroine.

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Theland | 10:45 Fri 28th Dec 2018 | Society & Culture
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This is alarming and shameful. She does it for us!

The Police - " We are only following orders!"

Just like Germany 1939-1945?


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She's a disgusting piece of work, and an out and out liar. The very first sentence she utters in that video is a blatant lie.
Theland. Heroine? You denigrate the meaning of the word.
She doesn’t ‘do’ anything for me. She was in breach of her license so was arrested, so to complain about having her name called out over a plane tannoy is rather stupid.
Question Author
She called out the paedophile Muslims. The rest is sad history.
The authorities already had that in hand. Her ‘calling out’ was unnecessary and she was duly punished for it.
Question Author
The so called authorities have turned a blind eye to this for years, worrying about accusations of racism.
a Youtube channel called Britain First.....nuff said I think

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Jayda Fransen - A True British Heroine.

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