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Some Helpful Reminders For Those Thinking Of Voting Labour......

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ToraToraTora | 14:15 Fri 24th May 2024 | News
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All you have to remember when you place your X on 4 July, is my mate Phil in this short youtube video (and the graph behind him).

It seems the UK is on an inexorable downward spiral - each administration is worse than the last (not always their fault!) and if Labour gets into power...

PS - don't mention the NHS. It is beyond governance until someone in power is prepared to break the mould.

Strange how the NHS waiting list goes down under Labour and up under the Tories.

Remember the Labour minister chuckerling

that ther's no money left, also the fantastic 

Gordon Brown selling off rhe nation's gold for a

riddiculously low price, no thank you

I thought Gordon Brown was supposed to be an economics genius until I found out his degree was in history & his PhD was "The Labour Party and Political Change in Scotland 1918–1929."

What a twit!

Sadly none of the brains trust on here have the inclination to get elected and so something about it.

Those who can...

We have six weeks of this nonsense to come 🙄🙄🙄

Not all of it Tory of course as regulars will know. 

“Strange how the NHS waiting list goes down under Labour and up under the Tories.”

No, actually what’s strange is that anybody should claim there to be a causal connection between two variables, automatically assuming that a variation in one is related to variation in the other.

The government (or more accurately, the taxpayer) provides the money to run the NHS. And of that (money) the NHS has aplenty. The service is actually run by the directors and managers of the NHS. Its performance is their responsibility. 

On the subject of strange things, it seems very strange to me that patient outcomes (which is what matters) seem to vary inversely with the sums of money spent. The more that is spent, the worse those outcomes seem to be. I, along with probably 99% of others, might expect there to be a direct, rather than an inverse relationship between the two. But it does not seem to be. It's the direcors and managers who spend the funds, not the government. So perhaps they should be called upon to explain this conundrum.

The NHS is broken. It was broken long before this government came to power and long before the Tories were elected to office in 2010. The reason is that its basic model - free treatment to allcomers at the point of service - is simply unsustainable. No other similar economy runs their health service on those lines because it doesn't work. But since the UK's NHS has been adopted by many people as a quasi-religion, no political party (and this includes Labour) will do what is required - and that is to reform it from the ground upwards, especially its funding model. All they will do is o rearrange its management structure - the Trusts, Commissioning Groups and so on - so that it looks like reform has been achieved. But the fundamental flaw will remain.

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There was an excellent piece about the NHS by oncologist Karol Sikora in the Daily Mail (yes I know) on Wednesday. I heartily recommend it to those who think NHS reform is not needed. (Whatever their politics)

I'd think a lot more of him if he did support Sadiq Khan, but he doesn't, so that just reminds me that the Tory lying is well under way.

Meanwhile, would I vote for someone who speaks in the Titanic Quarter, offering an open goal to anyone who wants to ask about sinking ships... lol


The NHS is not safe with the Tories.Their aim is to do a Thatcher, and Privatise it. Because These Tory MPs, Lords and Ladies go Private anyway. Although The Future will be that the NHS will still be funded by the tax payer  you will have to pay for every Doctors appointment consultation operation etc etc.And the money that the Tories will trouser from this will be Phenomenal.

//The NHS is not safe//

FULL STOP (whoever is in government)



Labour privatised the first hospital and saddled it with massive amounts of PFI debt.

The only way to save the NHS is to vote Labour. Get it.

Did you ignore my comment Gully.?

Just a reminder for those thinking of voting Conservative.

The Prime Minister while Saville was active invited him to Chequers and wanted to Knight him.

Ichkeria 17.14 You could pop over to the Russian front to do some front line reporting for six weeks.

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Some Helpful Reminders For Those Thinking Of Voting Labour......

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