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Finchley Theatre Defaced

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fender62 | 13:56 Fri 24th May 2024 | News
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mob getting bolder, is this not the kind of thing that happened in 30's germany, expect fire bombing and swastikas scrawled on jewish businesses... uk in the 21 century shameful.



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No doubt they will have it on cctv.

Likely to be the work of agent provocateurs.

Supporters of Israel are dab hands at playing the victim.

^^^^ beggars belief🙄 

no doubt Oct 7 was the work of "agent provocateurs"?

That's IT!!! THe Israelis dressed up as Hamas & massacred a 1000+  of their own people & took hostages as an excuse to lay waste to Gaza. Why didn't I think of it. I've been so delusional.


Perhaps the Manchester arena bombing was done by an agent provocateur.

Re. OP - yes, this is the sort of thing that happened in 1930s Germany.  We are both appalled and despairing .... will a new Krystalnacht take place?

Perhaps the Manchester arena bombing was done by an agent provocateur.

er I think this is ironic / troll / spoof - BUT we know it wasnt. We know there were bad bits ( BTP on extended breaks including th eone who got a gong) - homeless man "helping " the victims and robbing  them too. Firemen frit p at Phillips Park. marauding gunman status which cdnt be un-status-ed ( cancelled)

and this obscures the good bits - squick and efficient triage (*), quick evacuation of casualties, city hospital emergency plans worked well. Libyan minority completely cooperated with the authorities

(*) Lord Kerslake: "I thought the immediate triage was exactly the wrong thing to do but now I can see it is exactly the right,"

just wanted to record another view

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Finchley Theatre Defaced

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