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Looking Very Very Bleak For The Tories

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gulliver1 | 13:02 Fri 24th May 2024 | News
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According to Techne UK. The Tories hit a new LOW after Sunak called the election. As their own voters have turned away from the Tories.    The weekly tracker poll shows the Tory party are now 26 points behind Labour. Think SUNAK has turned into a washout since he made that announcement outside Downing St.






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I can see the voters want to poonie the Tories but then having as a special add-on four  years Labour may be a  - - - spoiler

bitter pill.... spoon of tar water

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Just hours after Richi announced the GE .There were behind the scene discussions among Tory MPs whether they could  stop it .As the MPs were not happy with the timing of the GE and said it was absolute madness..... Bring it on.

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Tory ministers are saying that letters of no confidence in the PM have already been submitted indicating that Sunak called the Election from a position of weakness. Nothing new there. The public have had no confidence in the Tory Party since Boris the Brexiteer came on the scene.


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TTT 14.12 Are you forgetting what The Ghastly Lady said?  May I remind you.She said "It always cheers me up when people attack me .Because it shows they have not got a single political argument left.Take note TTT.  lol 😂 End of.

well that might apply if you ever put up any sort of cogent argument.

Gulliver.  You never cease to amaze me with your so many connections that you are kept up to date with what goes on behind the scenes.

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Gramps 15.43. Thank you for the compliment just sit back and enjoy

It would be nice if you could provide a link 😂 end of

I'm fine with an earlier GE - think he might have waited for a dry dat tho'.


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Just been looking at a clip of Sunak announcing the date of the General election.🎵 "Just talking in the rain getting soaking wet Torture in his heart trying to forget"🎵

............What a shower these Cons have been.............

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Tories are warned no seat is safe as Hunt, Gove and Mogg are Targeted. I Hope all three of these Buffoons lose heavily.🤣

Gove has just said he is not standing at the GE

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With Gove going Hancock etc. These Tories now know the writing is on the wall and their seats are no longer safe .But I bet the Mogg will find another excuse to wriggle out of defeat.

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Theres no doubt about it Brexit is coming back to bite the Tories where it's gonna hurt. Brexit will certainly get the Tories done.This time.  Now that people realise there ain't no Sunny Uplands for them. Boris owns them all.

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Looking Very Very Bleak For The Tories

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