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Some Helpful Reminders For Those Thinking Of Voting Labour......

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ToraToraTora | 14:15 Fri 24th May 2024 | News
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Gulliver 18.14. As I said on a previous post, which you mistakenly took as a compliment (which I think says a lot about your mental state), you must have so many inside contacts to be fed all of this information.  Either that or you are telling big porkies.  Which is it?

//The Prime Minister while Saville was active invited him to Chequers and wanted to Knight him.//

And he was hugger mugger with royalty so abolish the monarchy?

Yes, except Catherine.


\\Strange how the NHS waiting list goes down under Labour and up under the Tories.//

Hows the NHS doing under labour in Wales.?

We've now had 14 years of Tory government. It's essential we vote them in again so can begin to rebuild the country.

BBC News - Thatcher lobbied for Savile knighthood despite warnings

indeed, and Starmer didn't; but hey, it's smear time.

I notice the allegations against Starmer in the OP are that he  sympathises with black people and with Muslims - appalling behaviour by a British party leader!

Tora's been lazy and just lobbed in the first anti sir beer meme he found without thinking it through.

Did anyone take up bet against TTT that the Tories will win the next election ?

no point, he'll only claim that Labour now are really Tories

what newjudge says is actually correct, it has to be broken up, and some form of insurance has to be brought in, look at the spanish model for example, people fly in from around the world for free treatment thats a fact, oh i hear small potatos in the scheme of things, goes further then that, like contracts for services and goods, one big money pit, and the tax payer is in a hole..yet keep digging and lauding that hole.

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tomus/gromit: Like all of us TGL was ignorant of Saville's activities. Outwardly he looked like a decent chap. Sir Beer ignored the evidence when it came to light and decided not to persue it. That's the difference.

Question Author

22:23, no one had the guts to back their own view gromit. Now I am barred from laying bets. Pity because you could have won.

Question Author

Gromit what's your prediction this time?


// I am predicting Labour won’t win the election. But talk of a 100 seat majority for Boris is laughable //

Labour didn't win. The Tories didn't get a 100 seat majority.

My prediction this time is Labour will win slightly more seats than the Tories but will not have a majority. Or will have a small majority.

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You predicted a hung parliament and it was 80 seat majority. 100 seat majority was not as laughable as you thought was it? 80% of 100 is pretty good.

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Some Helpful Reminders For Those Thinking Of Voting Labour......

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