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Would A Copy Of An Intercepted Letter From Kerr Starmer To...

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sandyRoe | 14:52 Fri 24th May 2024 | News
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... Jeremy Corbyn be of any interest to the editor of the Mail?

I understand that Corbyn is offered a prominent position in the cabinet/supreme soviet.  Diane Abbot is to be Home Secretary and John McDonnell gets the Exchequer with orders to squeeze the rich 'til the pips squeak.

In the first 100 days of the new regime a referendum on the future of the monarchy will be held.  

Orders will be promulgated forcing those with houses in nice areas to find space for refugees,  or homeless families who are currently living in B+Bs.

How could this letter be safely delivered to the editor of the Mail?

It is too important to trust to Royal Mail.



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Have you finished writing the letter?

Question Author

I've not actually seen it myself but I heard people seated next to me in a cafe discussing it.

Are you sure this letter didn't come from France ?   Sandy.

If you want the letter to be posted in France, my brother plans to go there tomorrow.

Would that it were true...

Question Author

I was thinking of the Zinoviev letter.  Apparently nobody else was.

Ah, well.  :-(

I dont know, so I rang Paula Vennells lately of POL for her opinion.

" I dont recollect any letter or email about any General Election AT ALL. But I understand some of my underlings may have handled such an important communication.

My legal secretary who was in charge of RM/POL of the twenty years preceding always used to form committees that, used to consider these things - [boo-hoo, scream scream]"

you arent on television now Paula, dry your eyes

"oh right, the board would meet every month and I never, never as CEO had the faintest idea what was going on in the guts to the POL, let alone the do-nothing middle managers. Do you blame them considering the trouble I have got into ?"

thank you Paula I said

oh I thought it was all ex pectore ( aut corde)

I made up Paula of POL - like Dickens my imagination is such that these people do not, cannot, WILL NOT exist

oh god I thought Zimmerman

Zinoviev letter stated that the normalisation of British–Soviet relations under a Labour Party government would radicalise the British working class and put the CPGB in a favourable position to pursue a Bolshevik-style revolution. It further suggested that these effects would extend throughout the British Empire.

Hmm I DID get History O Level ( oh world ended 1914)

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Would A Copy Of An Intercepted Letter From Kerr Starmer To...

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