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Things Are Going To Get Better.

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gulliver1 | 19:21 Wed 22nd May 2024 | News
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Too many migrants,high interest rates, and very poor polls for  the Tories. Is This the real reason why Richi has called for a General election. When only a few days ago he was bragging that he had reduced the boat crossings  inflation was down and everything in the garden was Rosy .Seems like his lies have caught up with him.



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frip-frip's probably correct - but the price of beans will have to go up of course.

Which eans thatdouglasis also right.

Fun isn't it?  :(

Gulliver, I watched Kier Starmer on the news tonight assuring the nation that Labour has changed in the past four years.  You haven't - so that begs the question do you know what you're supporting?


There will be even more migrants with Starmer in charge, heaven help us!!

I'm glad some are convinced things will get better. Implies folk think the uniparty will be the opposition after the next GE.


Unsure how the new government are going to solve things like Russia/Ukraine, Israel/Palestine, China, N. Korea, Burma, etc. etc. etc. though.

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Judging by  the answers on this thread. You Ab Tories are running scared really scared ... "You are Frit" ..all of you . 

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The Tories are still facing a double Whammy

..................Boris and Brexit....................

I've no particular party affiliation- I have voted for all 3 main parties in the past, I supported New Labour but voted for Cons in 2019- but I'm certainly not frit/really scarred of a Keir government. It'll be interesting to see if anything changes, as I expect migration to shoot up, taxes to go up on everyone and money thrown at the NHS with no improvement in services- I hope I'm wrong but experience tells me that after a brief honeymoon period it'll be the same old issues.

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"If it isn't hurting it isn't working"  After 14 years of Tory Rule it is hurting but it still isn't working.

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NMA 10.44 "after a brief honeymoon period It'll be the same old issues"....Gosh it looks like you have thrown the towel in already before you know the election results.

.....Sounds good to me.

Your comprehension skills are lacking again. No towels to thrown in by me

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Nma 10.44 "Money thrown at the NHS with no improvement. Just like Boris said he was going to throw £350million a week at the NHS  on the side of his bus with no improvement But I very much doubt if any of that ever reached the NHS. It probaby found it's way into Tory pockets on the way

You clearly haven't checked the NHS budgets - up by £40billion  pa  (i.e. £770 million a week since the Brexit bus 'claim' of £350 million pw)

NMA, never argue with an idiot, they'll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

Yes, I learnt that from some TWAU threads as well as from gulliver's posts

Boris didn't say he was going to throw anything at the NHS.  He wasn't PM and was in no position to do that.  It's when you prattle on like this with the same old repetivive tripe Gulliver, designed solely to stir, that people regard you as a troll.  

Sorry, forgot the emoji. I know which one of you I could hold a fairly sensible conversation with even if we wouldn't always agree- and it's not gulliver

Best answer to naomi, right there gulliver

Gulliver 20.35.  When will you get it into your head that it wasn't the Tories that 'ruined Britain with Brexit'.  Brexit was voted for by the majority of the UK's population after they called for a say on the way our country was to be run.  People were fed up with being dictated to regarding the laws and conditions under which we lived.  They were fed up the EU Bureaucrats running this country.  The Tories negotiated the very best deal that was available due to the intransigent postion of the EU who were, and still are, prepared to punish us in anyway they can for daring to challenge their hierarchy.  How anyone can think that the EU is a fair and decent organisation must enjoy being dictated to.  This is clear by many of EU countries now challenging some of the rules and conditions imposed upon them.

We are well rid of this dictatoral organisation and the sooner it completely breaks up the better.

11:21, BA, bang on gramps.

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TTT @ 11.14 Think you have just about worn that one out over the years.........As The Ghastly Lady once said                   "I always cheer up immensely if an attack is wounding because I think ,well,if they attack one personally ,it means they have not a single political argument left"😀😁😂🤣🤣

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