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Things Are Going To Get Better.

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gulliver1 | 19:21 Wed 22nd May 2024 | News
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Too many migrants,high interest rates, and very poor polls for  the Tories. Is This the real reason why Richi has called for a General election. When only a few days ago he was bragging that he had reduced the boat crossings  inflation was down and everything in the garden was Rosy .Seems like his lies have caught up with him.



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Inflation is down. Don't you follow the News?

newmodarmy @ 19:24. Some of these posts are getting ridiculous. Many of them aren't even questions. What's more who is Richi?

and Labour will make things better - how?

Wasn't that Neil Kinnock's mantra? Look how it turned out for him. A good drubbing at the general election, and to John Major, no less, despite the polls giving Labour quite a majority.

It was released in 1993 but used in New Labour's successful  campaign in 1997

recorded by D:ream - - yes dee-ream

Didnt Yazoo threaten to remove her clothing if Labout didnt win - anyway the election and the striptease was connected in some way

"Too many migrants"  Starmer was a human rights lawyer. I doubt he will take a hard line on that one - you can see which way that's going to go.

Things can only get better?  Have you conveniently forgotten that every single Labour government has left the country in a worse state than they found it?  Delusional.

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Now is the time to choose the future of Britain says Richi. You just bet it is Sunak .And now is the time to get rid of the Party that wrecked Britain with Brexit and gave you almost the highest cost of living prices in the whole of Europe amongs other crippling rules and regulations.   Tories OUT.

"I have repeatedly said that there's no case for going back into the EU and that includes the single market and the customs union." 

-Sir Keir Starmer.

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Electrochem @ 19.30 "who is Richi"... spelt Richi is the Prime Minister of the UK .Who is richer than King Charles. Get it.

Hi Gullz - your wish is granted - GE July 4th

"who is Richi who he den?" may be Irony, this is after all AB

The labour shadow ( something) said "Yes and it will take some time to get the economy right!"

and I thought o god Labour ( and the woke wet Greens) are going to wreck the economy

who will be right I ask ?

Wow. So clever. It was slightly humorous at best the first time but now after about 100 times it's pathetic and says more about you gulliver

But to be fair it's no more imbecilic than references to Sir Beer

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Trouble is the Tories have wrecked the Economy with Brexit and other things like immigration etc etc It is going to be a hell of a job for the  New incoming Labour Govt to turn it around. But I am very very sure they are capable of doing it.

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NMA. Calm down and take a huge breath you will be able to repent at leisure over the next couple of decades. OK.🤣

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Looking forward to Moggy losing his seat. I think more than anything else.

"It's going to be a hell of a job for the new incoming Labour Govt to turn it around"


They're not even in yet and you've started with the excuses for their inevitable failure.

well when labour do get in they will cure britains obesity problem,with the likes of rayner,dodds,cooper,reeves running the country we will all be living on bread and beans for the neext 5 years.

I suppose we could just not bother with an election at all, just let the current mob of corrupt dossers and chancers carry on milking what's left on the road to being kings of the third world.

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