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Who Will Be The Next Conservative Leader ?

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Gromit | 17:31 Wed 22nd May 2024 | News
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Not sure his heart is in it anymore. His party doesn't want him, so off to Silicon Valley sharpish.

So who will lead the party with no majority or in opposition?




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You spelt Labour wrong.

In answer to the OP, probably Captain Binface.

Several scenarios: the tories get hammered, decide to go all weird, and elect a Braverman type.

Or they lose but not badly. I personally disagree that Sunak's heart isn't in it. If he goes down to an honourable and unexpectedly close defeat I could see him standing down but putting himself forward again. He's had an unfortunate introduction, having to follow the likes of Johnson and Truss. He might not win if he stood  - but he might 

they could do worse than keeping Rishi

if Sunak stays he'll still be in the same mess: a band of loonies, incompetents and greedheads to appoint to his shadow cabinet. The Tories used to have capable politicians to put in charge of things; but Boris sacked them all.

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They are going to lose a lot of seats. If they lose he will be pushed. If a a small majority he will voluntarily go (and work for Musk). If a hung parliament and a coalition, I can't see anyone wanting to partner with him.

He might lose his own seat.


Next leader - Kemi Badenoch.

Who knows or cares?  They're all mediocre.  They should have stuck with Boris.  

"He might lose his own seat.

Next leader - Kemi Badenocb"

Both have 27,000 majorities. If Sunak were to lose that Badenoch might too. And frankly if that happened there'd be no party to lead. 

when labour get in, all the illegals in france will throw a party, amnesty for the ones already here as well, torys could have pulled us out of the echr and other treaties pertaining to migrants, then re-written the rules for the uk, 14yrs to do it, so i have no trust in them either.

Good point Ichkeria

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125,000 illegal immigrants have come here in the last 5 years. Your Government has let you down badly.

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Large majorities can be beaten in by elections, but don't really happen at general elections.

Portillo had 15,000 when he was ousted and that was a shock. 

//125,000 illegal immigrants have come here in the last 5 years. Your Government has let you down badly.//

Labour will probably claim that immigration is a good thing - nay, essential to boost the economy etc. - and allow all and sundry to come and stay.

They've had a pretty easy ride in opposition. If they get the chance let's see how they do in charge!

bring back Boris!

nigel farage through a carefully chosen patsy... either priti patel or jacob rees mogg.

they aren't going to want a "centrist" leader (if such a thing exists in the tories). their members want an extremist and they'll get one.

Ladies I am looking forward to a Labour "government".

Pull the other leg, T3.

bit of Time off love, sit back watch the amateurs, what's not to like?

20:03, you mean to say that you consider the likes of May, Truss and Sunak to be professionals?

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