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Running Scared.

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gulliver1 | 09:42 Sun 19th May 2024 | News
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Another Tory MP bites the dust as the Northern Ireland Secretary Chris Heaton Harris says he will not be standing at the next General Election . All these Tory MPs who are running away would be no good in a real Battle. Would they,



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Harris Says .He will still support and be out campaigning for The Cons. As he joins the Exodus of Tory Politicians who have announced they are going to  jump now......rather than be pushed OUT at the General Election.

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If these Tory MPs won't stand and fight for their seats at the GE to support their own Party ...How can they expect The Electorate to have faith in the Tory Party.

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Is this the end of the beginning for the Tory Party as Wes Streeting *LABOUR* Health Secretary. Says he is in  multiple talks with Conservative MPs who want to defect aross the floor to Labour.ASAP.

Could these rats leaving a sinking ship be quarantined in some way?

The next government doesn't want to be admitting potential carriers of infection.

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..........T.W.A.U...........sandyRoe @ 11.29 You are correct These Tory MPs defecting to The LABOUR Party. Could be sleeper cells. Who have been sleeping on the Tory Benches for the last twelve years,,,lol🤣



He has held the seat since 2010 and seems a popular local MP. He has a 26,000 majority so was favourite to win the seat.

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Gromit 12.29. For a popular MP with a healthy majority of 26,000 Even he must now realise that the Tories are a doomed Party.

he may have burnt out - done ten years of trooping loyally in and out of the  lobbies like a sheep and found the job just aint what it is cracked up  to be

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Running Scared.

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