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I empathise with him. Everytime my children's health is suffering, i get plastered and verbally abuse folk. Of course, i apologise afterwards and everything's just fine and dandy.

A proper hereditary lord could handle his drink.  Two or three bottles of port a day and they'd still be courteous and well mannered.

These upstarts, with a seat on the red benches as a reward for political services, give the rest a bad name.

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yep amateur!

Imagine how bad it could have got if the two abusees had been Celtic fans.

It would appear that our portly Parliamentorians, Tubby Torys and Labour and Liberal Lollops are falling foul of the new slimming drug (meant for  diabetics) Ozempic Apparently word of mouth sends them to the same private Harley Street clinic to queue up for their medication. Unfortunately whines one it has some unpleasant side effects and he can't avail  himself of the subsidised booze in the Terrace Bar as much as he would like. He collapsed on the terrace after trying to drink the place dry and was carted off by paramedics in an ambulance. All the fault of a diabetic treatment of course. Makes you wonder why they enter politics doesn't it?

This is what happens when you have a tax payer funded bar at the office.

I suppose those on the diabetic medication do it for the sweeteners.

just as well that he didn't go to the HoL loos for a duke.....

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