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maggiebee | 15:43 Wed 04th Aug 2021 | News
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BoJo's visit to Scotland. Is he running scared? - Perhaps scared that Nicola will show him up for the buffoon he is.

"The prime minister was expected to meet police officers and visit renewable energy projects on Wednesday.

Labour's leader Sir Keir Starmer is also in Scotland for a two-day trip, beginning in Glasgow.

Nicola Sturgeon had invited the PM to her official residence to discuss Covid recovery.

Instead, Mr Johnson has suggested a meeting with other first ministers at a later date."


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I imagine he can't be bothered.
Am sure he'd rather meet her on his terms on his turf at his choice of time. He's the uk pm whether we like him or not
More likely he can’t be bothered with the silly woman.

Or she the bumbling buffoon.
Drmorgans, She’s invited Boris. Who’s the bumbling buffoon she hasn’t invited?
If she invited him and he refused to go we'd still be here discussing Is he running scared?
Question Author
// Can't be bothered// That says a lot about him. Like it or not NS is Scotland's First Minister.
Why should he listen to her ideas on what to do in England wales and N I? There's alot of things she can do herself to aid recovery in Scotland as its her domain
And you're welcome to the silly wee woman.
He should go nowhere near her official residence, good decision.

When Theresa May went, the ill-mannered Sturgeon stood arrogantly on the threshold at the top of the steps & made not the slightest gesture to move towards her to welcome her, having her climb the steps up towards her. Approaching visitors to welcome them is a common courtesy the world over.

No president of the US, France or anywhere would do that. You think Boris is a 'buffoon', you are entitled to your opinion, but he is well-mannered & would never do such a thing.
You surely can’t be surprised that
no one other than her devoted fans takes her seriously, Maggie. Pleased she’s yours and not ours.
COCO the clown AKA BORIS DE PEIFFEL is running scared of the super NICOLA as she can hold a press conference without blustering and stuttering unlike the blond buffoon.
"BoJo's visit to Scotland. Is he running scared?" - scared of what? what is there to be scared of?
It's like a visit to a TPLAC, shake some hands do some smiles watch some locals doing their party pieces. Nothing of any significance.
I can't see Boris running scared of a tiny Celtic poison pixie.
"Approaching visitors to welcome them is a common courtesy the world over. " - not in Mel Gibson land! Freeeeedoooom! Maggie thanks for posting this!
apparently they are going to meet in her secret retreat:

Question Author
Oh give it a rest TTT. Your snide Braveheart remarks are overused and very dated - something like your good self methinks.
aye, but I'm having the most fun on this thread! Come on, tell me what is the PM running scared of?
perhaps you can help me with my question:

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