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And it being a Wetherspoons pub, the firemen probably had to walk about two kilometres to actually locate it.

I feel his pain. I was rescued by a customer from the disabled toilet twice in my Wetherspoon last week. The Laser key lock was faulty and someone made a bodged repair.Luckily I could see the customers through the annex door window and attract one I knew well to open the door from the outside.No Fire Brigade drama. I would have just pulled the red emergency cord if needs must.

SP, get the app me old china!

I've got the app, dont recal it having a map to the bog and as SP says you need it in some of them - and a set of hiking boots.

Poor sod, hope they could pass him pints under the door.

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on the app do you tick off the one's you've visited ?

"on the app do you tick off the one's you've visited ?"

No, it does it for you (providing you place an order via the app).

I do not wish to fan the flames of controversy by referring ( again) to penile injuries suffered from Hoover dustette...

BUT.  Scottish team won the public health prize for an article entitled “The collapse of toilets in Glasgow.” The article, by three consultants in accident and emergency medicine— —was published in the Scottish Medical Journal (1993;38:185).

the public health prize here was the Ig-Nobel Prize for research that could not or should not be repeated

by the way, I got the joke in the headline

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