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Question Author

That bloody link problem is still there - sort it out Ed.












This page could not be found!

It is a total mess.  So many ruined lives.

All that's new is that she rejects the apology - her situation was reported previously.

Its best to give an idea of why you are posting rather than just a link. Just sayin'

The link problem was ";" at the end Canary, can't blame AB for that, but you can try 🤣

Folk are entitled to reject apologies, I doubt anyone other than the receiver is affected. Unsure why the BBC thought it newsworthy.


Meanwhile, while I stopped following this situation quite a while ago, it does seem to be taking it's own sweet time getting resolved. Courts must be utterly overburdened, or something.

Looks to me as if there was a space between the 0 and the ;

Suspect AB ought to have ended the link at the space.

That is a particularly shameful episode in this whole sorry mess. I hope the perps are soon jailed.

Question Author

I do blame Ab for the ; - I did not put it there.  And it has happened numerous times. 

I fear the real perpetrators will never be punished.

Vennells and her cohorts need to being doing some jail time and their gold plated pensions, houses and investments used to compenstate those wronged.

Evil people.

we cd call it the stinko-linko as in the Post Office bugs and errors thing

The accounts / videos of  the oral testimony are well worth a view. 'we' are doing 2-4 h a day binge watching with horrified fascination.

At present they are torturing someone on 'who is in charge?.  No one of course was in charge but they loved their lovely large salaries. ( even an NHS Trust Board knows that it is about running that particular trust).

today they  are torturing someone else who was in charge when he drew his pay check and not at any other time

damn savages....

I do hope this issue does not just fizzle out without anyone facing the music, the Post Office offenders and Fujitsu must be sued.

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The Stink Gets Worse.

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