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Oh Dear Sir Beer.....

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ToraToraTora | 10:09 Fri 12th Apr 2024 | News
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That'll upset the reds under the bed!



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Anyone upset by that should excuse themselves and leave the Labour Party. And don't disturb anyone on the way out 😄.

Of course we should work for non-proliferation but that's another matter. 

Miss, Miss, can you stop him using Sir Beer for Keir Starmer which is infantile stupid and unfunny ?There is ( to my confusion ) a Jason Beer  KC who is on the Post Office Horizon inquiry. I keep on thinking this is about the  largely undiscussed  Post Office inquiry

instead of the usual brayne-dead comment bout the Labour Party again ( yawn) 

With the World the way it is at the moment there is little choice.

The problem is though if Sir Kier gets in how long will he last before being replaced with COB or similar and they wont like it.

ymb - there's the rub with voting Labour into power; you can't rust the looney left not to take over.

Probably asserting that in an attempt to get more votes. Corbyn was strongly against Trident, so Starmer is trying to distance himself from the loony left within his party

"there's the rub with voting Labour into power; you can't rust the looney left not to take over."

I think you can, actually. In what universe would a Labour PM with a huge majority be replaced by Jeremy Corbyn or similar?

Ok, the Tories had an 80 seat majority and that didn't stop Liz Truss. Fair point, before anyone says anything 😀

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yum, yum

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Oh Dear Sir Beer.....

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