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I Blame Brexit,

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gulliver1 | 19:14 Wed 27th Mar 2024 | News
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Things are getting better by the day in the lead up to the General Election.  For Labour. Professor Sir John Curtice has delivered a dire warning to The Tories as they continue to languish behind Labour in the polls.The Tories have now slumped to its worst state since Truss and her disastrous budget.The Prof says Labour now has a 99% chance of forming thev next Govt. ..🤣Yippee🤣.



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Question Author

If you doubting Tories want to check this out..Poll by Savanta.

Curtice has been wrong in the past. (PS. he's a ***)

Does this post differ, in any fundamental way, from any of your previous posts gloating that labour will form the next government......?

no it doesnt

Gullz why do they loathe your dissentient voice so much?

I mean write stuff the more challenged ABers can't begin to fathom and all I get is " foo wot dat den?"

Question Author

This really is Brexit related .It is the red wall Labour voters who fell for Boris's Bullshine, when he said lend me your votes to get Brexit done. And now many years later they realise that they were well and truly done by Boris and his Tory cronies . Because Brexit isn't working. They are thinking now more on the lines of lets get the Tories done instead.

So, the red-wall Labour voters will be voting for, erm, Labour...?

I suppose we'll just have to see what proportion of the remaining electorate decide to join them.

Don't count your chickens just yet.....

Hehehe, love these irrational raged-up angry sour Remoaners. Bizarre, but it is what it is I suppose.

Question Author

JTH @ 19 27 "Don't count your chickens just yet"  I am not counting chickens.   But I am counting the 68 Tory Mps who have decided not to fight the GE and the Tory Mps who have done a runner to the Reform Party.

hehehe and will you love as much the resounding Tory defeat that is coming up

They are ringing their bells but soon they will be wringing their hands ( someone 1740)

and the two who hae just resigned their seats

not exactly co-hesive

"hehehe and will you love as much the resounding Tory defeat that is coming up"


I will Peter P, Lab and Cons both useless and unelectable but prob end up with one of them, or two of one and another.

Question Author

Pegasus .You just be careful you don't fall off that Flying Horse when you are leading it to water.

Chill Gulliver, we are the best, fear not ! 

actually I agree with Pegasus that the alternative ( which is certain to be elected) will turn out to be as bad as Boris.

Diane Abbott in charge of the armed forces and the response in Ukraine - - oh Lordy lordy !

Imagine that Peter P, what a terrible cioce us Brits have at the next election. Any advice who to vote for?

Sorry, 'choice'.

We are very likely to end up with the evil of two lessers in No. 10 after the forthcoming election, with that, I do agree.

It is a bad situation I think Jackthehat, but prob a hung-parliament I think. We have no worthy opposition it seems.


Question Author

20.09 "We are the best"  The best ,  What ??????

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I Blame Brexit,

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