Is Brexit To Blame For Ch4 News' Poor Ratings?

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Khandro | 08:34 Thu 13th Jun 2019 | News
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ch4 news is around 15 mins of news and 45 mins of lifestyle type stories
No. There are quite a few opinions given which offer some clues.

I rarely watch Ch4 and I'm not a fan of Snow.
Do they do news, then ?
Brexit isn't to blame - but Channel 4's coverage of it could have something to do with its poor ratings.

I watch the 7pm news but recently I've found myself hitting the 'off' button more and more frequently. The reporting is heavily weighted and I've gone right off Jon Snow.
I think i just got a STI from that website, cheers Khandro.
//I think i just got a STI//

Spath, a warts and all answer ughh!
The Channel 4 News was to the fore in uncovering the Tory expenses scandal which allegedly helped keep Farage out of enemy territory on Westminster. It’s a bit different from other news programmes deliberately so. They often focus on one story, which is less good if that story is of less interest.
Their report doesn’t “blame Brexit” : it lists several factors one of which is that people are watching less news because they are fed up of the Brexit saga. I cannot imagine why :-)
So your question is answered by your own link.
Therefore all the other TV news channels will have sliding viewing figures for the reasons CH4 are giving to explain their loss? Anybody know if that is happening?
People didn't pay attention to channel 4 anyhow. channel 4 dispatches i feel are amazing. They unearthed to much tory scandles, i'm not surprised the viewing figures are down. Right wingers don't like that kind of reality, leaving only the left as an audience. Then half of the left aren't mature enough to commit themselves to a channel 4 documentary.. So you get like 1/4 of the pop left...
Question Author
"So what you're sayin' is ...."
Nothing, as per.
Other reasons they give are self avowedly competition from other news programmes, which even your freaky website quotes faithfully. He’s just stuck a misleading headline on the top to please what is no doubt his target audience.
How did the Tory expenses scandal help keep Farage out of Westminster?
They overspent on the by election in Thanet or whatever outpost he was standing in. That was a story they helped expose I believe
Question Author
ichi //even your freaky website quotes faithfully. He’s just stuck a misleading headline on the top to please what is no doubt his target audience. //

Guido isn't "freaky", It is, I have on good authority, the site read by most politicians, and the headline isn't in any way "misleading", it's direct from Ch4 itself, who say it's because of, “a number of factors including change in TV viewing habits, " - Brilliant!! the change of viewing habits being that people don't want to watch their "freaky" product.
Anyway, you keep watching and it's now clear from where you gather your information.
Question Author
BTW, ichi, The Tory expenses scandal wasn't broken by Ch4 it was famously done by The Daily Telegraph in May 2009, I would have thought you would have known that, but then if you rely so heavily on Ch4 for your information perhaps it's not surprising.

Ch4 tries to be niche, that comes with inherent problems particularly since you automatically exclude swathes of the population from the outset. It doesnt take much more to reduce your audience by some 'biased reporting' that pees of your target audience as well.

I think that was was Spath was sort of alluding to.
i liked it lat night when kathy whotsit was interviewing JRM and asked him if he'd ever done drugs. he replied "of course not, have you?" and she said "but im not running for office" and he said "so you are not denying it then" or ords to that effect, and it immediately cut away to something else
Isn’t Guido an Irish alcoholic ?

Terrestrial TV is losing viewers on all stations because there is now more competition from Amazon, Netflix, NowTV and other streaming services.

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Is Brexit To Blame For Ch4 News' Poor Ratings?

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