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Who Is Going To Replace Biden?

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royfromaus | 16:12 Tue 13th Feb 2024 | News
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Michael Obama?

Presumably it'll be Kamala Harris.

I'd guess, Michelle Obama

Robert Kennedy Junior, 

The son of Robert F. Kennedy who was assassinated in 68, mother Ethel.


I thought there was talk last year of Kennedy running.

Wasn't Ethel sister of JFK and Robert?

Question Author

Presumably it'll be Kamala Harris.


Can't see it or Kennedy.

Doh...ignore that. ^^^^

Oh for an EDIT function 

Kennedy has a track record as Attorney General. Technically now an Independent - but who knows whether he'll make a run for it. Well educated to, Harvard, Pace, U. of Virginia and the London school of Economics.

Could be a strong candidate if Biden is judged to be incapable and up against that over-bloated self-important tit-Trump - who is bordering on senility.

Ethel was a sister-in-law of JFK

Ms. Obama. ( hopefully ).

Kennedy is running as an independent 

It should be the vice president

Michelle Obama has repeatedly stated over the past few years that she has no interest in standing for office.

If it came to it, most likely would be the current VP - tho she is not popular - Gavin Newsom of California, JB Pritzer the portly governor of Illinois and a Biden loyalist - someone like  that. At this moment in time none of those eventualities seem all that likely 

Kamala ain't exactly 'top of the pops' over there and her popularity polling is appalling.

have I missed something? Is Biden stepping down?

No he isn't ttt. Just wishful thinking.

RFK Jr is a conspiracy nutter. He'll never run as a Democrat.

DT@16:08...yes, I realised that after I pressed submit. I was thinking of Eunice. 

DTel has an article on Kamala saying that 'I'm ready to serve - there's no question about that' -  to the Wall Street Journal. This has added fuel to the debate. Diificult for her as she 'is the most unpopular vice-president since polling began'.

I'd rather have sleepy Joe in a coma than Harris, awful woman.

I read Meghan Markle has political ambition ... 

Reliable source or gutter press @ 1706

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Who Is Going To Replace Biden?

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