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mushroom25 | 12:58 Tue 13th Feb 2024 | News
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apparently, in some quarters, being caught short could end up with you being fined for littering, under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

have you ever "littered" on a long car journey?



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Frequently, especially in mainland Europe where they have a completely different attitude towards it. We were once in Rocamadour, in France, when a coachload of Belgians pulled into the car park and they all got out and weed against the bog wall.

But you didn't mention it was the Mother's Union annual outing.

Council jobsworths, where would we be without them.

And yes I have plenty of times there are no bogs on many of the roads they got rid of them.

Unfortunately yes.I was only going,on what I assumed to be, a quick trip from Surrey to Caversham for a weekend. I made the mistake of taking my daily Bumetanide tablet along with others. I was on a smart stretch of the M3 motorway having left stop/start carpark on the M25. I was bursting so pulled in to an emergency lay-by and relieved myself. I looked up to see a warning notice threatening dire consequences if my stop wasn't an emergency and that I was on camera. It also stated I must use the phone to ask permission to rejoin the carriage way. No way was I waiting for a Highways Traffic team to lay on a rolling road block so I just drove off . I considered my plight was an emergency. They probably wouldn't have.

Urination is, ironically, not the number one problem ... 

Hmmmm, I saw a coach load of rugby fans all lined up along the side of their coach. I bet the driver wasn't too thrilled.

This has arisen in a few places.

"Litter" is not defined in law. But in one or two places attempts have been made to provide "such as" examples. All of these mention things such as chewing gum, wrappers, cigarette ends, newspapers and so on. Nowhere is urine mentioned (and nor for that matter is bird food).

There seems to be an interpretation in some places along the lines that if you can pick it up, it's litter, if you can't it's not litter. There's nothing legal or official about that but it seems a reasonable "common sense" approach. This would certainly exclude urine but it also helps because it excluses things like dumped refrigerators, and large quantities of refuse and building rubble (which should properly be dealt with under "flytipping" legislation.  

As an aside, why do men have to wee up something?

Less chance of any wind blowing it back or wetting our feet?

Its to make sure you get your own back Tilly :-)

roo - you remind me of an episode back in the 60s. I used to travel on a bus taking service personnel from the Salisbury Plain to Manchester on a Friday, returning late Sunday night. There were large gaps in the motorway system, so few services available. On one occasion I was aware that the bus had stopped in the middle of nowhere; half the squaddies got out and weed down the side of the bus and then we were on our way again.

I thought that wagoners were allowed to wee against the rear nearside wheel. Personally I do it into the petrol tank.


Some dirty barsteward or barstewardess did a nice fresh pile of poo in one of our local parks.  Guess whose dog rolled in it when someone else was walking him and guess who had to clean it off him when he came home?  I was gagging as I had to put my hand in the human poo to get his collar off which I threw into a bucket of water in the garden.  Then bathe doggie about six times with fresh water.  It was disgusting and the flat stank for hours afterwards.  I've never forgotten it.

Wee?  No problem.

14.28. I don't think its a case of having to wee up something, but mainly a case of reducing being seen. I go fishing a lot in the summer, and sooner or later you need to go, especially if you spend 6/7 hours at a venue.

Most venues are surounded with some sort of vegitation or trees, but they also attract many dog walkers in and around the pathways. Some veues are council owned others private.

When one needs to urinate we do our best to hide away if you know what I mean, in and around, and behind the trees.

Not to long ago a women dog walker at one venue complain of seeing such action taking place. Well I'm afraid it works both ways when she allows her dog to poo and wee all over the pathways and in the tree lines. She is well awear that this venue is a fishing venue and has been for many years? Not too sure how the law stands with a complaint of this nature.

By the way we don't wear long macs or overcoats, we have large umberellas to keep us dry, so I would have thought being accused of flashing maynot hold??? :0)

Which of course makes the point that if urinating is considered littering then allowing your dog to do so up a tree makes you guilty. Dog owners are responsible for clearing up their pets' poo, but the same does not seem to apply to their pee. This is probably because you can't pick it up (see my earlier post). 

Spike Milligan recalls in his army memoirs that when they stopped en route for a comfort break in the desert, with a whole wilderness to wee in the men would wee on their vehicle.

I went on an expedition to Iceland when I was a student, research on the Breidamerkejokull Glacier. One of our sponsors was Jeyes - after all, one needs bog paper - and J-cloths proved to be useful.

The then Marketing Director thought he was being clever in setting us a challenge - 'A photo of one of our products being used in an unusual position'. 

We thought about giving him a map of our stone piles, colour-coded for 'age' - but, in reality, we gave them a photo that they were completely taken aback with - and it was blown up and hung in their reception, the larger the photo and coarser the grain, the better it got. 

We were short of pennants for survey poles of one of the main moraines to leave behind for the Iceland Geological Soc to survey...we stitched up 4 J cloths and hung them on the poles, one of our crew going out on a boat on a very calm day on the glacial lake in front of the glacier and grabbing a long zoom shot....the new flags fluttering and with light 'pentagons' in the pic, adding to the atmosphere and the ice and dirt of the moraine.

I guess shitt can pay!


"Personally I do it into the petrol tank."


The mystery of whatever happened to Diesel Dick appears to be solved. 😃

the only source of anything other than petrol that works in a car or van is if you have a swarm of bees depositing their urine in your vehicle - Bee Pee as such.

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